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A new Low Rider El Diablo cruiser from Harley-Davidson, priced at £25,495, and a limited-edition piece of candy red Americana, built on the Low Rider ST.

Only 1500 of the glossy liveries were made, and they were painted by the Colorado company Gunslinger Custom Paint. The bright red base coat was “El Diablo Bright Red,” followed by a second coat of “Bright Red Sunglo.” The lockable, tank sides, fenders, and fairing all have vivid red pinstriping.

The 1923cc V-twin engine, front end, and a final gold pinstripe are hand-applied to the panels as a finishing touch. The 19-inch front and 16-inch rear cast aluminum rims are then given a matte bronze finish.

The El Diablo receives fresh paint and a variety of factory-installed audio created by Harley-Davidson and Rockford Fosgate.

You get two 5.25-inch woofers and a 250-watt amplifier fitted inside the fairing that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to play stored and streamed audio.


“It embodies the spirit of counterculture in Southern California in the ’80s in a contemporary package that features meticulously crafted custom paint, including pinstripe trajectories that nod directly to those of the original FXRT,” said Brad Richards, Harley’s Vice President of Design and Creative Director.


Aside from this, utilizing the Low Rider ST as a base gives you 125lb-ft of torque at just 3500 rpm and two engine counter-balancers that lessen vibration at idle and improve rider comfort.

Additionally, there are dual front discs, 43mm upside-down forks, LED head and taillights, ABS, and cruise control.

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One question that comes to our mind very often is how to maintain a motorcycle.

In this Blog, we have tried to answer that question so that it could help you take care of your beloved so it could last long and doesn’t break down during track days. Periodic maintenance has great long-lasting benefits and also increases the life expectancy of your motorcycle engine and other components.

A motorcycle can typically endure 12 to 15 years as long as it has not been involved in any serious accidents or falls. If you own a high-end bike and have been attentive to its upkeep and maintenance, the lifespan of this vehicle may also extend. This is when replacing motorbike parts can be quite helpful.

Motorbikes require special care to keep them in the finest condition possible. Purchasing the proper motorcycle parts is essential to extending the life of your vehicle, especially when necessary.

Important Motorcycle Parts to Check Frequently

It’s crucial to regularly inspect vital bike components to identify whether it’s time to replace them. The critical motorcycle components listed below are those you should regularly inspect, especially before riding your bike, to determine whether you need to repair them right away.

Brake Pad

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Squeezing the brake lever on your bike causes a series of events to occur in the brake system. To stop the motorcycle, it forces the brake pads to contact the rotors. The brake pads will eventually rust as a result of normal wear and tear.

Check your brake pads frequently to ensure your two-wheeled vehicle is operated safely. You must have them changed right away if they have shrunk to less than 2mm.


Aliwheels. motorcycle tyres

Before using your tires, always check them. Keep an eye out for punctures, cuts, and cracks as well as over- and underinflated indicators. Bring your bike to the repair as soon as you notice these. Additionally, if the tread depth of your tire has already worn down to 1 to 2mm, don’t waste time replacing it.

Replace them every five years to ensure that your bike is still safe to be used on the roads, even if the tread wear on your tires isn’t too terrible after years of use.


Motorcycle battery, Aliwheels
Gas and the motorcycle’s battery are used to power it. Even though the majority of motorcycles have maintenance-free batteries, having the battery’s electrolyte level tested when getting an oil change can provide you the assurance that this component is working well.

Typically, motorcycle batteries have a two-year shelf life. You need to have them replaced after this time period.

Fork oil

Forkoil, Aliwheels

The motorcycle’s fork is the component that joins the front wheel and axle to the main frame. The fork oil is housed in this component, which consists of two tubes, and is totally sealed. Bumps or unevenness in the road doesn’t have as much of an impact on the bike thanks to the fork oil.

Additionally, it is crucial for lubricating the parts of the bike that are used when it is moving. In the event that oil is seen dripping from the tubes, the fork seals should be changed right away. When you perform the yearly mechanical inspection on your bike, the fork oil should also be changed.

Drive shafts, belts, and bicycle chains

drive shafts, belts aliwheels

Three of a motorcycle’s most robust components are the drive shafts, belts, and bike chain. They normally last between 15,000 and 30,000 miles. The bike chain, however, needs to be kept in good condition and shouldn’t be too loose. Additionally, it needs to be kept tidy.
Ask your mechanic if it has to be replaced or tightened if it is too slack.

Spark plugs

sparkplugs, aliwheels

When your motorcycle has traveled 10,000 miles, you must replace the spark plugs. Remove the spark plug right away if you see an abnormally large gap, an eroded center wire, a broken ground electrode, or any combination of these issues.

Motorcycle Parts to Upgrade

Investing in the best bike upgrades can also prolong the life of your motorcycle and even improve its performance.

Oil Cooling System

Oil cooling system , Aliwheels

This add-on also referred to as a fan-assisted oil cooler regulates and keeps the temperature of the engine’s oil constant. With this innovation, you can be sure that the engine is always safeguarded and functions without issue even in the hottest temperatures.

Other brands or types of V-twin motorcycles and many Harley-Davidson motorcycle models can use this technology.


Rear set, Aliwheels

With the help of aftermarket rear sets, you may fine-tune how your lower body is positioned on the bike. As a result, you are able to tie yourself to your equipment while sitting more comfortably. Your upper body is free to perform the controls and turning of the bike better because of the more stable platform.

Auxiliary Lighting

Auxiliary lights, Aliwheels

In the late fall and winter, your motorcycle needs to be equipped with the proper lights if you frequently ride it at night. Riding at night can be easier with LED lights . Although halogen lights are also widely used, LED lights have greater advantages due to their lower energy consumption, increased lifetime, smaller size, and lower price.

Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle cover, Aliwheels

Last but not least, even while it’s not in use, your bike needs to be adequately protected. A high-quality motorcycle cover can offer the required protection. It is preferable to wear a waterproof cover in the winter. This item is extremely helpful in shielding your bike from inclement weather, especially during the chilly, rainy months.

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The greatest advice that can assist you in the event of a motorcycle breakdown is provided in this blog.

If your worst riding nightmare comes true and your motorcycle breaks down in the middle of an unfamiliar road, won’t start, and you’re all by yourself with no one to turn to for assistance, what will you do? Who will you call? How will you get by? Because, believe me, even the best-maintained motorcycles can break down when you’re riding.

In order to better prepare you for roadside problems, Aliwheels decided to share some brief advice with other riders in case their motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere;

Without further ado, let’s get to the advice below;

First Tip or Tip No 1: Carry a Small kit for Minor Repairs

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Some riders may think this is a little too technical, but rest assured it isn’t. Learning is essential in this case. Once you’re on the road, it’s likely that you’ll experience minor malfunctions. Because aid isn’t always available, you could have to handle these situations on your own. To handle these situations, we advise you to carry a small repair kit.

A small toolbox, a tire inflate, a charger, a puncture kit, and a jump starter should be included in the bag to make these urgent repairs. Learning basic skills to handle minor repairs can go a long way in managing emergency circumstances on the road.

Although having all these items in one bag may seem excessive, each instrument you have is essential when using all these things.

Let’s move on to Tip No 2: Keep Reflector Clothing and Emergency Sign with you

#Reflective #Clothing #Aliwheels

For most individuals, this advice may not matter, but if you find yourself stopped in the middle of the road—especially at night when visibility is poor—it may be crucial.

Unfortunately, most of the highways in our nation lack adequate lighting. Poor illumination is a major contributing factor to an excessively high number of accidents in our nation. If you’re stuck on a busy road and need to be seen by oncoming traffic, any kind of low visibility could be fatal.
We urge you to either purchase safety equipment with built-in reflectors or wear separate luminous clothes to keep yourself safe in this situation; it can be a good idea to do both.


Tip 3: Become a Member of Breakdown services

We encourage you to join a breakdown service, which is currently provided by a number of business. Once you join an assistance service, you will be able to call them for assistance in case of an emergency on the road. They offer vehicle pickup and drop-off, minor repairs, and other life assistance services.

All you need is a phone, and you can call for assistance in the majority of our nation’s locations because they provide service in almost all major towns and cities.

The risks that the massive roadway throws at us must be anticipated even though highway riding is an awesome experience.


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There have been rumors about a mini RR sports bike ever since BMW disclosed plans to produce a series of small single-cylinder bikes in cooperation with India’s TVS back in 2013.

A2-licence-friendly G310RR has been launched in India, and after years of rumors, it has finally occurred. A global release for the vehicle is now anticipated for later this year.

BMW’s G-series project began in 2013, and by 2015 the G310 Stunt concept served as the blueprint for the new line.

Even though it would be another two years before the G310R production version started to be delivered, it was obvious that the bike was ideally positioned to develop into a fully-faired sports model.

The sporting potential of the G310 was in fact so obvious that within months TVS displayed its faired 2016 Akula concept bike, and shortly after the commencement of the G310R production, a faired sports bike rolled off the lines alongside it.

The wheels, brakes, suspension, and frame were all the same. With the exception of its complete fairing and insignia, it was nearly identical to the G310R and was marketed as the Apache RR310 in India.

It seemed as though a BMW G310RR will be released soon, but it has taken four years.

It’s not like the G310RR is a four-year-old model dressed in new clothes. The Apache RR310 was updated in 2020 with better emissions to comply with India’s BS6 (and Europe’s Euro5) requirements, as well as optional adjustable suspension, lower clip-on, and elevated ‘pegs – features that seem to be included in G310RR teaser photographs.

Since the TVS has already been given the go-ahead to be sold in Europe, there are no restrictions on its availability in other regions.

It would be surprising if the G310RR weren’t eventually introduced to the wider range because the brand change gives the G310RR access to BMW’s dealer network.


BMW G310RR in detail

Singles club: The 313cc, DOHC single is identical to the G310R’s and features a slipper clutch as standard along with the odd reverse-cylinder design.

a bounce in your step The G310R’s steel tube frame is used. Compression, rebound, and preload adjustments should be available on inverted KYB forks, along with settings for the shock’s preload and rebound.

There are four power modes available. Rain and Urban are limited to 25.8hp and 7600rpm, while Sport and Track provide 34hp at 9700rpm.

Rims that were taken from another vehicle: The G310R’s wheels and brakes, which have the same characteristic spoke pattern and By Bre calipers gripping a single 300mm disc and a 240mm rotor at the front and back, respectively, are used.

Electric Avenue: A five-inch TFT dash in full color is installed in portrait mode.

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