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BMW is bringing out a new sporting bike: A2-friendly G310RR

There have been rumors about a mini RR sports bike ever since BMW disclosed plans to produce a series of small single-cylinder bikes in cooperation with India’s TVS back in 2013.

A2-licence-friendly G310RR has been launched in India, and after years of rumors, it has finally occurred. A global release for the vehicle is now anticipated for later this year.

BMW’s G-series project began in 2013, and by 2015 the G310 Stunt concept served as the blueprint for the new line.

Even though it would be another two years before the G310R production version started to be delivered, it was obvious that the bike was ideally positioned to develop into a fully-faired sports model.

The sporting potential of the G310 was in fact so obvious that within months TVS displayed its faired 2016 Akula concept bike, and shortly after the commencement of the G310R production, a faired sports bike rolled off the lines alongside it.

The wheels, brakes, suspension, and frame were all the same. With the exception of its complete fairing and insignia, it was nearly identical to the G310R and was marketed as the Apache RR310 in India.

It seemed as though a BMW G310RR will be released soon, but it has taken four years.

It’s not like the G310RR is a four-year-old model dressed in new clothes. The Apache RR310 was updated in 2020 with better emissions to comply with India’s BS6 (and Europe’s Euro5) requirements, as well as optional adjustable suspension, lower clip-on, and elevated ‘pegs – features that seem to be included in G310RR teaser photographs.

Since the TVS has already been given the go-ahead to be sold in Europe, there are no restrictions on its availability in other regions.

It would be surprising if the G310RR weren’t eventually introduced to the wider range because the brand change gives the G310RR access to BMW’s dealer network.


BMW G310RR in detail

Singles club: The 313cc, DOHC single is identical to the G310R’s and features a slipper clutch as standard along with the odd reverse-cylinder design.

a bounce in your step The G310R’s steel tube frame is used. Compression, rebound, and preload adjustments should be available on inverted KYB forks, along with settings for the shock’s preload and rebound.

There are four power modes available. Rain and Urban are limited to 25.8hp and 7600rpm, while Sport and Track provide 34hp at 9700rpm.

Rims that were taken from another vehicle: The G310R’s wheels and brakes, which have the same characteristic spoke pattern and By Bre calipers gripping a single 300mm disc and a 240mm rotor at the front and back, respectively, are used.

Electric Avenue: A five-inch TFT dash in full color is installed in portrait mode.

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