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Logan Cipala Rides To Victory On A Buell

On June 13, 2021, Logan Cipala came out ahead of the pack in the AMA Pro Hillclimb in the twin class riding his Buell 1190HCR! The AMA Pro Hillclimb occasion held races for three classes: the 450, Twin, and Premier class.

During the opposition, both Logan and Luke Cipala contended riding Buell 1190HCR’s. Logan put top three in each class, with Luke coming in not far behind in the Twins class and Premier class riding his 1190HCR.

“Talking for sake of the Buell group, we are pleased with Logan proceeding with his 2020 Championship rule, by winning the current year’s AMA Pro Hillclimb. Indeed showing the force of his Buell, and to sweeten the deal even further to have his sibling Luke on the platform with him says Buell can be a family issue,” said Steve Laham, Chief Product Officer at Buell Motorcycles.

We anticipate seeing Logan and Luke contending at cycle three of the AMA Pro Hillclimb on August 28th 2021, in Scottsburg, Indiana.

About Buell: Buell is eager to have Logan and Luke Cipala both riding Buell 1190HCR’s into triumph. The 1190HCR is only a hint of something larger for the eventual fate of Buell. Buell has a restored energy to carry the experience of American execution to the local area and motorcyclists all over the place.

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