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Niobium Batteries

Weight is an enemy of the bike.”
Richard Hatfield, CEO of Lightning Motorcycles
The world’s leading expert on niobium technology, CBMM, and a US electric motorcycle company collaborate to design and incorporate innovative applications into various components.
Boost your speed and performance. Lightning Motorcycles, known for being pioneers in the e-mobility business and electric motorbike developers, teamed up with CBMM, the world’s leading provider of niobium goods and technology, to achieve this goal.
The cooperation with the Silicon Valley-based company was signed in January with the goal of leveraging niobium applications in the mobility sector and developing an electric two-wheeler to shatter the existing commercial motorbike Land Speed Record (LSR). The goal of the programme is to innovate and test metal in various car components in order to increase performance and eventually surpass the 250 mph (approximately 403 km/h) mark.
Niobium Battery – Fast Facts

Fast charging – NTO anodes can safely recharge lithium-ion batteries in as little as six minutes, putting Horwin’s sub-10-minute charge aim within reach.

Toshiba’s next-generation SCiB batteries, which use niobium titanium oxide anodes, aim for a 1.5-fold increase in energy density. This means you can get longer range out of the same size battery.

Streamlined – Smaller, lighter batteries with higher energy density can be employed, which enhances the remainder of the bike’s design. Alternatively, companies might occupy the same space with more people and have a longer range and more power.

Lower cost – Because NTO batteries are expected to last a long time, even when fast-charged, they should never need to be replaced: 20,000 charges, each with a range of 150 kilometres, equals 3 million kilometres.

Longevity – Existing SCiB batteries with LTO anodes have 20,000 charge/discharge cycles, and future niobium versions are expected to have the same endurance. During ultra-fast charging, NTO anodes experience less lithium metal deposition (which can cause internal short-circuits) than conventional designs.

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