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How To Clean A Motorcycle Helmet

How To Clean A Motorcycle Helmet ?

After all of your motorcycle riding, whether you’re a beginner or expert rider, you’re bound to have a stinky/dirty helmet. Many people want to know how to clean lids inside and out, and while there are numerous methods and recommendations, I’ve compiled the most efficient ones. (Plus, there wasn’t a how-to on this, so perhaps it helps)

If you have a helmet with a removable internal lining, you’re almost there. You can clean the outside of the helmet with a soft cloth/towel/micro fibre and mild detergent while the liner and/or cheek pads are being washed in the washing machine on the delicate cycle.

Wet the soft cloth/towel/microfiber, add a few drops of gentle cleanser, and wipe down the shell; the detergent will do its thing with the gunk, and after you’re finished, simply wipe the shell with water until the detergent is gone. You’ll end up with a gleaming, oil-free shell.

However, for those of us who don’t have a detachable liner on our helmets, the job is a little more difficult. All of the “spray cleaners” don’t quite cut it when it comes to removing skin oil and sweat. I tried Helmet Fresh, which did nothing but make it smell nicer, then I tried Motorex Helmet Care Spray, which had the same results as Helmet Fresh: all scent, no cleaning effect (on the lining).

If your helmet doesn’t have a detachable liner and smells like crap, follow these steps.

Step 1

If you don’t already have one, purchase one to clean unless you want to learn how to stitch your own head/scalp/face up thread.


Step 2

Remove the cheekpads, breath guard, visor, etc.


Step 3


Get some cleanser. On the off chance that it’s sufficient for your head, it’s adequate for your protective cap. Dish cleanser may be a piece cruel for the inside, so stay away from that.
Try not to try too hard, yet don’t be modest with it. On the off chance that your cap REALLY smells, feel free to put some more.


Step 4

Fill with lukewarm water. I have a feeling cold and hot might be a bad idea, stay away from the extremes.


Step 5

Rinse to agitate the excessive dust/dirt out, you don’t want to dunk it in the CLEAN water and scrub with the same contaminated water.


Step 6

NOW dunk it in and douse that mofo in cleanliness.
Get it all up in there.


Step 7

Gently massage the lining so the shampoo works its magic.


Step 8

Rinse out all the shampoo thoroughly.


Step 9

Pat dry the exterior to avoid water spots and let it air dry. If you live someplace humid or extremely hot, you may want to place it in a cool DRY place with a fan blowing it or something. Look at the shine!

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