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Top Accessories to Enhance Your Yamaha FJR1300 Touring Experience

Top Accessories to Enhance Your Yamaha FJR1300 Touring Experience

The Yamaha FJR 1300 is a sport touring motorcycle made by Yamaha. It was initially introduced in Europe in 2001. Later making an appearance in North America in the year 2002. Further in 2003 the design was modified but did not include an anti-lock braking system. The 2003 model garnered several awards in the sports touring category from various magazines. It has a 1,298 cc inline-four engine. Four valves in each cylinder an electronic fuel injection and a transverse inline 4 liquid cooled engine. The engine produces a power of 141.5 horsepower. It weighs 269 kg. This makes it a heavyweight bike. It has a height seat of 31.7 inches and a fuel capacity of 25 liters.  

Touring on your bike can be one of the best feelings a biker can feel. It is a very liberating and freeing experience. The Yamaha FJR 1300 is known for its amazing features such as its incredible power, the comfort it provides, and its versatile design.

With the seat height measuring 31.7 inches. It offers the rider a comfortable ride over long distances. To enhance the quality of your adventures on your bike, accessories are used to help achieve that. Accessories range from providing comfort to adding stylish add-ons to storage and safety options.

Ergonomic design

To provide a more ergonomic design and allow comfort during riding the following accessories can be used:

Padded seats

Riding for long hours can be tiring so investing in padded seats can help make the long journeys comfortable. Some new models of seats come with the option to control the temperature settings on the seat. Allowing you to toggle between heating and cooling your seat according to the weather conditions.

Raised handlebars

Handlebars that can be adjusted in their height a great way to relieve the strain on your wrists. This allows you to adjust them to the length of the handlebars and decreases the strain on your wrist and back. This helps the rider maintain a posture that is beneficial for them.

Cruise Control

By enabling you to keep a constant pace without continuously pressing the throttle, a cruise the control system makes highway riding more comfortable.

Heated grips

Adjustable handlebars are great accessories. But heated grips are a game changer. Riding in the harsh cold weather can be quite challenging. Heated grips help keep rider’s hands warm. While providing a comfortable grip on the handle as well. They are a great option for individuals living in cold climates.

Adjustable Windscreen

Just like how adjustable handlebars help the rider. Adjustable windscreens help deflect wind and turbulence during high speeds . A heightened and taller windscreen helps offer more protection and increased wind protection.

Storage space

A number of accessories are used with bikes to offer storage space. Since bikes are very compact they have very little space to store anything, which is why these accessories help with carrying and storing equipment and luggage. Accessories that are used for storage reasons include:

Tail Bags

Tail bags are adjustable and can be mounted on the back seat or luggage rack. With none of the saddlebag weight, they offer extra storage.

Top Case

A top case in mounted on the back or rear of the bike. It serves as a way to store larger bulkier items. Items such as a riding helmet, rain gear, tools and a first-aid kit. It has a dual function as it can also serve as a backrest for the passenger riding the bike.  

Tank bags

Tank bags are also often mounted on the back but they can also be attached on the side as well. They are mostly used to store smaller items such as maps, snacks, and smartphones. Items that you’d want to reach easily and quickly.


Accessory options to improve the safety of the Yamaha FJR 1300 include:

Auxiliary Lighting 

Increasing auxiliary lighting, especially LED lighting, enhances visibility, particularly at night. They also make your bike more visible to other cars.

Radar Detector

If you want to improve your safety, consider getting a radar detector that can alert you to any potential speed traps or traffic-monitoring equipment on unfamiliar roads.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Safe and effective tire inflation is crucial. Since a TPMS alerts you to any pressure differences, your tires are always in excellent condition.

Technology and navigation

With technology dominating every part of our lives, it has also played a huge part in improving the biking world. From providing easy navigation to helping stay connected while on the road. Tech has influenced the biking world for the better.

GPS Navigation 

Using a GPS navigation system via a gadget or a phone helps bikers to know where they are. They can also set a destination and the GPS will show them the best route available and how much time it will take to travel there.

Bluetooth System

A Bluetooth systems help you control and enjoy many things without using your hands. You can listen to music, have an audio assisted navigation and even accept or decline calls all while riding. Without having the need to remove your hands from the handlebars.

Personalization and customization

To add a cool new spin on your bike. And make it stand out, you can make modifications to your Yamaha FJR 1300 you can consider personalizing it to suit your style. The ways to have your bike customized are;

Custom Paint and Graphics

Custom paint schemes, decals, and graphics give a unique and personal look to your bike. These make the look of your bike more eye-catching.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system enhances the performance of your bike but it can also be customized to add to the look of your bike. It adds a powerful roaring sound to your bike that is often appreciated by bikers.

Bar Ends and Levers

Replace the pre-attached stock bar ends and levers with better and more ergonomic options. They not only look great but also provide a better grip and feel.

Protective accessories

Bike Cover

A durable and a weatherproof bike cover is helpful in protecting your FJR1300 from the environment and weather conditions. While traveling outdoors a bike cover can help protect your bike from rain, snow, or extreme heat too. Helping in preserving the bike’s overall appearance and longevity.

Skid Plate

A skid plate is found on the underside of a motorcycle. It serves as a deflector and deflects small rocks and debris from the path when you are riding. Enhancing your Yamaha FJR1300 touring experience all comes down to selecting the right accessories. Which suits your needs and preferences. From comfort and safety to storage and style. The wide range of available accessories allows you to customize your bike and truly make it your own. The ultimate goal of accessories is to add to your bike and enhance your experience while riding.

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