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World's Fastest Bobber

World’s Fastest Bobber: Outrageous 200bhp+ supercharged Triumph revealed

World’s Fastest Bobber: Outrageous 200bhp+ supercharged Triumph revealed.

Think ‘bobbers, for example, Triumph’s cleaved down Bonneville are more about the show than go? Reconsider. This revolutionary, supercharged, and nitrous-infused form has recently been divulged and, with over 200bhp, is professed to be the ‘World’s Fastest Bobber’.

It’s the pet undertaking of rising modifying and embellishing suppliers Thornton Hundred. Based close to Silverstone and headed by Jody Millhouse, they work in bespoke, tweaked Triumph Bobbers and Scramblers, and have even gotten a couple of superstar customers like Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks. Yet, none of their motorcycle to date have been as outrageous – or powerful – as the new ‘WFB’.

“The thought was to construct a motorcycle for me, something I could use for shows and ride-outs,” clarifies Millhouse. “In any case, things spiraled wild and I got fixated on making it quicker.

“A couple of months in, as Covid hit, I settled on a cognizant choice to make it the quickest, most remarkable bobber on the planet. The exhibition target was over 200bhp at the wrench, we in the long run accomplished that at the wheel…”

Changes from the stock Triumph Bobber are all over the place. Aside from the Rotrex C15 Supercharger, it’s dry NOS infused, has TTS machined cases, manufactured cylinders, a custom cam, and refreshed grasp. The outcome is a deliberate 165bhp in the driver’s seat without the nitrous lift and 202bhp.

The frame has Thornton Hundred’s ‘mark’ wide wheel change with billet center points and Excel edges, in addition to a billet seat mount, custom seat, and tires. While the greatest test was adjusting the gadgets to adapt to the enormous exhibition climb. The outcome, Millhouse says, is: “Completely useable, it begins each time on the catch and is worked to be solid.”

Nor has he completed it at this point. Full Öhlins suspension and Brembo monobloc brake transformations are in progress alongside plans for custom paint and surprisingly 300bhp the following winter. On the off chance that you extravagant one yourself, however, you might be frustrated.

“We’ve no designs to recreate the force figures as the expenses included would be cosmic,” says Millhouse, adding that clients can, nonetheless, buy a few sections, for example, the seat and number plate mounts. “We plan for this one to remain in the family and advance,” he says. “It will get utilized each end of the week for ride-outs, shows, and racing occasions.”

We’ll discover precisely what that feels like to ride soon…

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