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Money seized from bike criminals gets used to fit ground anchors

Somerset biker, Ollie Hulme, needed his nearby board to do more to forestall bike robbery, so he set some things in motion and got this show on the road himself. All things considered, really, he put the badly gotten gains of lawbreakers where his mouth is on the grounds that the Avon and Somerset Police Community Trust were bringing in the cash accessible for undertakings to assist with lessening wrongdoing.

“There were groups taking anything that wasn’t safely secured and bragging about it via online media,” clarified Ollie, who is an independent bike writer. “Works of art, experience bicycles, sports bikes, bikes, and mopeds were all getting scratched. They generally wound up destroyed, unloaded in ditches or wore out.

“A many individuals whine that the specialists will do nothing to stop bicycle burglaries, yet it just took me a couple of messages. I figured the anchors would prove to be useful for bicycle travelers and for local people needing to get their machines. In the event that you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

In his application, Ollie called attention to that in their authority direction to bikers, Burnham-on-Sea Police encourage locking your bicycle to an ‘unflinching item, for example, a ground anchor or road furniture’ yet that no such arrangement was made in the town’s carparks. He additionally attempted to cost up the work of fitting the gadgets, referring to a new drive in Dulwich, London, that cost £500 per anchor.

A representative for Burnham-on-Sea Town Council said: “There is currently open ground secures fitted in spaces utilized for motorbike stopping.

“Realizing that the region, particularly Burnham, is a well-known objective for motorcyclists, the town committee, with Sedgemoor District Council endorsement, applied to the Police Community Trust for an award of £1000 towards introducing four hardcore, retractable ground secures in the stopping straights, with two anchors in each site.”


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