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Transformation of Atlas – More extensive, calmer, simple

On the 26 March Ruroc are dispatching their new Atlas 3.0 territory in 16 mind boggling plans motivated by various nations, hundreds of years, and universes. It is safe to say that you are a Brute or Savage? Or then again would you say you are all the more a Spitfire?

The Atlas 3.0 is a finished update of their smash hit protective cap: better vision, improved optimal design and just 30 seconds to change out one of their 9 hued wraparound visors.


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Ruroc’s main goal is to make quality caps to upgrade head insurance in the most limit conditions. These don’t just look mind boggling, they’re more secure than any time in recent memory. You just need to stress over your Lockdown hair obstructing your perspective out and about, the Atlas 3.0 has one of the biggest field-of-sees available with the edge-to-edge visor.

Produced using first rate materials, similar to the carbon fiber shell and the polyamide/polyester comfort liner, it comes in at just 1.4kg, so you will not be stressing your neck to keep your head upstanding.


#Ruroc #Atlas #Aliwheels

The new seal, the expulsion of the visor cover and bolting pin has improved streamlined features and diminished breeze clamor, thus, no compelling reason to freeze when you unavoidably lose an ear plug during a lunch break. Furthermore, don’t stress, you will not fog up the visor with your morning breath, there is a polycarbonate storage for the Pinlock and a demist position in case you’re not a fan.

Each Atlas 3.0 head protector is viable with Ruroc’s Shockwave Bluetooth sound framework. Attractive simple introduce and fitting and play, but sold independently.

Provocative, smooth, and safe, and I’m not simply discussing the rider. The Atlas 3.0 is the must-have top for anybody needing security without relinquishing style.

To discover more visit: book 3-mystery. Besides, every dispatch day request will get a free Founders Edition shirt! Follow us on Instagram, search Ruroc and keep your eyes stripped for the dispatch.

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