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Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Helmet Headset



  • Maximum Intercom Distance: >1000m Maximum
  • Special Function: FM 
  • Special Function: Noise Reduction 
  • Special Function: Waterproof
  • Item Weight: 0.45kg 
  • Item Width: 5cm 
  • External Testing Certification: CE



Seamless Communication Beyond 1000 Meters

Experience unparalleled connectivity with the Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Helmet Headset, boasting a maximum intercom distance of over 1000 meters. Stay in constant touch with your riding companions, ensuring safety, coordination, and enjoyment throughout your journey. Whether navigating challenging terrain or cruising down the open road, this headset keeps you connected like never before.

Immerse Yourself in Superior Sound Quality

They also come with the Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Helmet Headset’s special function: FM radio. Tune in to your favorite stations and amplify the thrill of your ride with crystal-clear audio. Let every beat and melody envelop you as you explore new horizons, thanks to advanced noise reduction technology that eliminates external disturbances, delivering a pure and immersive listening experience.

Conquer Any Environment with Confidence

Built to withstand the elements, the Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Helmet Headset is engineered with waterproof capabilities, ensuring reliable performance in rain or shine. Ride with confidence, knowing that your communication device remains operational, unaffected by adverse weather conditions.

Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Black Helmet Intercom Bluetooth Easy Communication

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