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Guide to choose your motorcycle type

Guide To Choose Your Motorcycle Type-2023

Comprehensive Guide To Choose Your Motorcycle Type

Generally, there are kinds of motorcycle buyers, those who are sure about which motorcycle they want to get their hands on. And then there comes those who have no idea what to get, and mostly get intimidated by the vast range of options when they have to select one.
Which one are you? Do you know the difference between different kinds of motorcycles? If not, then there is absolutely no need to worry as in this article we have briefly discussed 8 types of motorcycles in order to help you get better insights on which one to get for your everyday use. Without any further delay, let’s take a look at each of them.

Size & Weight Must Be Considered

While you are searching for a motorcycle, it is necessary to consider its weight as well as its size. Check the dimensions of the motorcycle that you are interested to buy. Look for the overall distance between its handlebars and the height of its seat to make sure it is comfortable enough for you to ride. The motorcycles differ greatly in their weight and size, this is why you must ensure whatever model you are interested to get your hands on, must be convenient enough for you to drive.

Compare Each Model To See What Fits Your Expectations

The best way to choose a motorcycle is to compare and contrast the different types of models that are available in the market. We have created a list of different types of motorcycles to help you narrow down your list and get a general idea of what each model is capable of.

Adventure Motorcycles

Adventure motorcycles are also referred to as ADV bikes. These motorcycles are generally made for longer trips off-road as well as on road. These street machines are natural ergonomics and are quite comfortable to drive. They do not cost an arm and a leg if they are damaged and need to be repaired. However, they are quite expensive if you have to buy one. These large and heavy street machines also carry tall seats.


The Cruisers are generally manufactured to ensure comfortable rides instead of providing speed. These types are an excellent choice for new riders as they have low seats and the engines are regulated to give low-speed torque, making these street machines very convenient to ride. The cruisers generally have a few high handlebars to ensure quite a relaxed ride.

Dual Sport Motorcycles

The dual sport motorcycles offer its riders the to ride off road as well as on the road too. It carries tall suspension and quite thick and knobby tires. These tires are well suited to run on part dirt and part road.

Naked Or Standard Motorcycles

These modern standard motorcycles also go by the name of naked motorcycles. These types of motorcycles are generally one of the largest expanding divisions of motorcycles. The reason behind them being one of the most sought–after motorcycles are that these street machines allow a performance that somehow competed with that of a sport bike while providing a more comfortable seating arrangement. These motorcycles offer very natural riding positions.

Retro Motorcycles

These types of motorcycles possess vintage styling features along with up-to-date technology upgrades. Having styling features that remind us of the predecessors of these street machines, such as fuel injection as well as the antilock brakes, the retro motorcycles are extraordinarily reliable and mechanically uncomplicated.


Another fast-growing types of motorcycle are definitely the scooter. They are fun to ride and possess an economical automatic transmission. Usually, there is nothing more practical as compared to the scooter for the city inhabitants. If you are looking for large and comfortable rides, then opt for bigger scooters, as they carry luggage space and make sure to provide comfortable riding experiences along with extremely efficient gas mileage.
Scooters have 2 striking features i.e. their continuously variable transmission (CVT) (which means that there are no shifting gears or the hassle of clutch) and their step-through designs.
Usually, the scooters are perfect for those who do not have any prior experience riding motorcycles, mainly because of the fact that they are extremely convenient to ride and lack shifting gears or clutch. Moreover, these rides offer low maintenance and are extremely cost-effective. And they often come with handy features such as extra storage space in order to help the riders to run errands easily.


Sport bikes are generally one of the two most typical motorcycles that one can get. The sport bikes are held accountable to sacrifice the comfort of riders in order to provide great performance and speed on the tracks. Sport bikes are greatly powerful and extremely light and mainly focus on braking, acceleration, performance, as well as cornering.

Touring & Sport Touring Motorcycles

The touring and sport touring motorcycles are generally manufactured to allow the riders to ride throughout countries while ensuring the optimal comfort of riders a priority. These street machines are mainly built to run for long rides and offer protection against the weather, waterproof luggage, as well as other convenient features including stereos, comfortable seating arrangement, and heated handgrips. As their name indicates, a touring and sport touring motorcycle is shaped especially for the riders who are willing to give up comfort for the sake of getting a powerful vehicle to ride long distances.

Final Thoughts

For the most part, motorcycles are definitely more economical rides as compared to cars. They are easy to ride and are more cost-effective. For people who want a convenient ride to cover long distances or for everyday use, bikes are unquestionably the best option. I hope by reading this “Guide To Choose Your Motorcycle Type” you will be able to understand each type of motorcycle and which type will be best for your use. If you are still unsure, aliwheels academy is here to guide you, over the phone, by email, and by live chat.No matter which motorcycle type you choose, never compromise on riding gear. Find the best motorcycle riding jackets and a huge inventory of motorcycle accessories at aliwheels.

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