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Aliwheels Guide to Choosing the Right Tires for Your Triumph Speed Twin

The Triumph Speed Twin 1200 is a motorcycle that was made by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. This motorcycle is the new and improved modern version of the iconic original Triumph Speed Twin, which was introduced in 1983. While the newer version was brought into production in 2019.
The Triumph Speed Twin is renowned for its torque rich power and performance. It has a seat height of 31.8 inches. A fuel capacity of 14.5 liters and weighing in at 196 kgs. It has a power of 97 horsepower. It blends classic looks with modern braking and suspension components, with an amazing and incredible parallel-twin engine.

Understanding Motorcycle Tires

Tire Types

Motorcycle tires come in various types, each designed for specific riding styles and conditions:

Sport/Performance Tires

These tires have exceptional grip and responsiveness and are ideal for vigorous riding. They are appropriate for track days and vigorous rides.

Touring Tires

Comfort and long-distance stability are prioritized in touring tires. They are perfect for motorcyclists who enjoy long drives and highway cruising.

Cruiser Tires

Specially designed cruiser tires are used on bikes like the Triumph Speed Twin, which have specific requirements. They are ideal for casual, comfort riding since they put a strong emphasis on comfort and style.

Dual-Sport/Adventure Tires

Dual-sport tires are adaptable and strong enough to handle both on- and off-road driving. They are a great option for cyclists who enjoy exploring different terrains.

Tire Construction

Tires can have different construction types:


These tires include cloth cord layers that overlap, providing a strong and long-lasting design appropriate for cruiser and touring bikes.


Radial cords oriented from the tire’s center give radial tires their improved grip, stability, and heat dispersion. On sport and sport-touring motorcycles, they are frequently seen for their benefits.

Tire Size and Fitment

The handling and performance of your Triumph Speed Twin depend heavily on the tire size and fitment. The owner’s manual for your motorcycle or the sidewall of the tires you currently have will both tell you what size tire you need. Be advised that altering tire sizes may impact handling characteristics; therefore, if you intend to make changes, get professional advice.

Choosing the Right Tires for Your Triumph Speed Twin

Riding Style and Preferences

Consider your riding style and preferences when choosing tires for your Speed Twin. Sport or sport-touring tires may be the best option for you if you like spirited rides and tight turns. Touring or cruiser tires are a smart choice for leisurely cruising and comfort on lengthy trips. If you enjoy both on- and off-road exploration, dual-sport or adventure tires are adaptable.

Road Conditions

Evaluate the road conditions you typically encounter. It may be sufficient to use touring or cruiser tires on smooth, well-kept roads. If you frequently ride on winding, difficult roads, sport or sport-touring tires will provide you with the best grip and agility you need. Riders who like to experiment on gravel, dirt, or off-road terrain should choose adventure or dual-sport tires.

Weather Considerations

Consider the weather conditions in your riding area. If you frequently ride in muddy situations, you should opt for tires with great water drainage and traction. Look for tires that can withstand high temperatures and offer reliable performance in hot and dry regions.

Load Capacity and Speed Rating

To make sure the tires are suitable for your Triumph Speed Twin, check their load capacity and speed rating. Speed or load limits that are exceeded can have a negative impact on performance and safety.

Tire Brands and Models

Look at tire manufacturers and models that are well known for their excellence, dependability, and performance. You can reduce your possibilities by reading reviews and asking for recommendations from other Speed Twin riders.

Performance Factors

Grip and Traction

For a ride to be safe and pleasurable, grip and traction are essential. To increase your confidence and control when riding your Speed Twin, choose tires that provide exceptional grip in a variety of road situations.

Handling and Stability

Always go for the tire’s stability and reactivity in terms of handling. When riding in various conditions, the correct tires should maintain stability while offering precise control.

Wear and Durability

Tire longevity varies depending on the type of tire and the riding environment. Look for tires that have a good mix of grip and toughness. In order to ensure that your tires survive while delivering reliable performance.

Wet Weather Performance

Safety is crucial for performance in wet conditions. Choosing tires that are designed for wet weather conditions. They perform well in slick weather. The thread patterns on the tires are effective in dispersing water and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Heat Resistance

Tires should be heat resistant. This quality lets them run for longer and prevent fires at high temperatures. The tires should efficiently dissipate the heat that comes while riding. Heat-resistant tires are less likely to overheat. Guaranteeing constant performance even on warm days or over long distances.

Maintenance and Care

Tire Pressure

Maintain the recommended tire pressure as per the owner’s manual for your motorcycle. For the best handling, grip, and tire longevity, the right tire pressure is essential.

Inspection and Rotation

Check your tires frequently for wear, damage, or punctures. To guarantee even wear and increase the life of your tires, rotate them as directed.


For a ride that is smooth and vibration-free, your tires must be balanced. Tires that are unbalanced can cause discomfort and decreased stability leading to any sort of mishap.

Tire Warm-Up

Prior to intense riding, give your tires time to warm up. Accident risk is increased by the reduced grip and traction of cold tires.


Replace your tires when they are no longer functional or if they show substantial wear indicators like a worn tread pattern or obvious damage. Ride on properly inflated tires; don’t risk your safety.

Choosing the proper tires for your Triumph Speed Twin is an important choice that has an immense impact on how you ride. You may make an informed decision that improves the bike’s handling, grip, and overall safety by taking into account elements including riding style, road conditions, weather, load capacity, and tire performance. To guarantee that your tires continue to operate at their peak level for the duration of their lifespan, regular maintenance, and correct tire care are equally crucial. The ideal tires for your Speed Twin will increase your pleasure in this legendary motorbike and give you many memorable rides, regardless of whether comfort, style, or performance are your top priorities.

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