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Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Revival could place the swinging sixties in your carport – Ali Wheels

Harley-Davidson has dispatched another Icons Collection, beginning with the Electra Glide Revival. The Icons Collection will be a continuous venture for Harley that will feature exemplary American style with a couple of restricted version models a year.

The primary bicycle in this new assortment is the Electra Glide Revival, which has been styled to resemble a 1969 FLH, which may be otherwise called the ‘Electra Glide’.

The Electra Glide has been a suffering model for Harley, having first entered the reach in 1965 when the Panhead-controlled FL turned into the principal huge twin Harley to be fitted with an electric beginning

The Electra Glide Revival most intently shares its DNA with the Street Glide Special nowadays and it’s this bicycle with which it shares the most tech. It’s fueled by the most recent rendition of Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee-Eight motor, in 1868cc appearance, which delivers a 118ft of force.

The bicycle just comes in Hifi Blue with a period motivated tank emblem and prearranged lettering. The batwing and panniers are painted in Birch White to repeat the first white-shaped fiberglass units.

You additionally get an exemplary sprung saddle very much like the 1960s machine, radiant fringe driving lights and bound chrome steel 16″ wheels with whitewall tires total the nostalgic look

Notwithstanding its exemplary looks, it’s donning a lot of current tech inside the batwing, including a monster full shading TFT screen with inbuilt sat-nav, cell phone network, and speaker framework.

The Revival additionally accompanies Harley’s electronic wellbeing net through cornering ABS, electronically connected brakes, lean touchy foothold control, motor slowing down control, slope hold control, and voyage control.

It’s even got Showa Dual Bending valve suspension, and Showa stuns with far off preload change. Words that didn’t exist in 1969.

On the off chance that you need to pack one for yourself, you’ll be speedy. Harley is making only 1500 of these worldwide and sellers in the UK are just getting one each. Indeed, even with its £27,995 sticker price, they’re certain to sell out quick and likely appreciate in esteem as well

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