5 Myths about Bikers everyone consider as facts.

Motorcyclists say: Wearing helmets doesn’t mean we are too afraid to ride a bike, similarly wearing leather jackets won’t make us look cool.


Being a biker is like dealing with a lot of stereotypes as there is a saying ‘ I render in brakes” said no motorcyclist ever! This phrase technically means that bikers don’t respect life and are angry hooligans but it’s not just enough here as it is written above there are many stereotypes that evolve around a bikers life so lets read some of the facts 

1. Bikers are stunt yobs:

Although many of the bikers, the riders, and the spectators think its cool No not all bikers likes doing stunts on their bikes. Some of them may enjoy Tank stoppie, one-handed wheelie, the leap of faith, or the Canadian spin but most of the two wheels are the minimum they need.

2. They have their Youtube channels:

There is an action camera on helmets of every rider almost therefore they are mistakenly known as vloggers as if they edit their clips and videos and uploads them on their youtube channels to get tremendous likes and subscribers. Whereas motorcyclists say that cameras are just for memories for them to see their adventure clips.

3. Bikers don’t have cars:

It is said and observed that bikers are so obsessed with their bikes that they have no place of four-wheel vehicle cars in their hearts for them. Its true cars take more space but it is not that bikers hate cars or don’t buy them.

4. Bikers have a death wish :

In Newyork city eight people have been killed while riding their bikes since June, bringing the total number of deaths so far this year to 19. Just as the report states from Newyork Times that motorcyclists have a number of deaths attached. But the fact according to motorcyclists is that they feel more alive while riding a bike.

5.   They wear leather to look cooler:

A motorcyclist in an interview was asked this question “Do bikers wear leathers to look cooler? and he replied with a grin that: Riding gear protects us and if you think it looks cool? Thank you.