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Motorcycle Speedometer Sensor 12000RPH LED Backlight



Brand Name: MotoQueen  Item Weight: 0.3 kg  Special Features: LCD display  Item Height: 10 cm  Item Width: 5 cm  Item Length: 18 cm  Model Name: MQ903  Material Type: PCB  Item Diameter: 10 cm




Motorcycle Speedometer Sensor 12000RPH 2018 New LED Backlight Motorcycle Speedometer Odometer Tachometer Kmh MUniversal 1.working power:12v 2.working current:<200MA Any question pls contact with us!

Line description:

9 hole plug Black: ignition Yellow / GREEN: fuel oil Orange: turn left Black / yellow: speed Red: battery positive pole Blue: far light Green: negative pole Light blue: turn right

9 hole plug

Pink: 1 gear, negative control Blue / Red: 2, negative control Green / Black: 3, negative control Green / Red: N, negative control Yellow / Red: 4, negative control Yellow / White: 5, negative control Yellow: 6 gear, negative control Brown / Red: engine self inspection lamp, negative control

3 hole plug

(direct insertion of induction wire) Red / White: sensor positive green: sensor negative Black / White: sensor signal

Adjustable instrument adjustment method:

Close the door first button to hold on the top button do not open the door to wait a moment to wait for a screen often no display words and then release will enter the adjustment mode of the total 5 interface The first interface c1982 such a figure adjuster the speed per hour is to modify the circumference of the rim. Press the first button to generate the digital size change uneasy button about 5 seconds to automatically enter the next number to the next number until the correct number is modified and then the first button is entered into the second interface and the second interface is the number 1-12 of the modified installation magnet. You can modify the 2 magnets and default to the two in the long press. Enter the next interface third interface cylinder number 2-4 change 2 is 2-4 change 2 is single cylinder 4 is double cylinder default 2 long press to enter fourth interface 1 and 5 change 1 indicating 2 line oil floating 100 ohm 5 is 3 line oil floating represents oneself to see that your oil floating a few lines to the corresponding constant button into the interface is the total mileage zero length according to the exit can be

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