Motorcycle Smart fingerprint lock alarm


Brand Name: xiaomi  Type: U Lock  Material: STEEL  Size: 224.8 * 130 * 32.2mm / 300 * 130 * 32.2mm Color: black  Release Date: 2019  Charging time: 1.5-2h


Sturdy, durable, comfortable, dustproof and waterproof A little change, making riding easier

AreoX smart fingerprint U type unlocking uses fingerprint unlocking technology in the field of travel. No need to bring a key, biometric fingerprint recognition, reject fake fingerprints, and gently press it with your finger to unlock it in one step. It takes only 0.5 seconds to open quickly and enjoy cycling.

Finger is the key

Say goodbye to the mechanical key, the fingerprint can be unlocked Fingerprint unlocking is a relatively convenient and mature unlocking method. The AreoX design team creatively applies the fingerprint unlocking feature to the U lock, providing more convenience for outdoor travel and eliminating the need for mechanical keys.

Ergonomically designed, hold the lock body, open in one step

Combined with ergonomics, the AreoX U lock locks the fingerprint module into the golden area of the lock body, Not only does it feel comfortable to hold, but also unlocking the lock while holding the lock.

Biometric fingerprint recognition, accurate identification and high security

Everyone’s body has a unique biological characteristic with a uniqueness that cannot be copied. The AreoX U lock uses advanced semiconductor biometric fingerprint recognition technology to generate recognition responses only to fingerprints of living organisms. Rejecting the fake fingerprint unlocking greatly improves the security and accuracy of the U lock.

Almighty anti theft

Solid stainless steel lock beam, resistant to 14 tons of hydraulic shears The AreoX U locking beam is made of stainless steel with high strength, hardness and corrosion resistance. It can withstand 14 tons of hydraulic shears, prevent the damage of hacksaws and electric drills, and the quality of the precision can withstand inspection.

The lock beam have the unique function of two way locking, effectively preventing pry unlock and making it safer.

In order to improve the safety of the U lock, the AreoX design team has long been researched to make the lock steel beam of the AreoX U lock have the unique function of two way locking. When unlocking, need to unlock the buckle at both ends of the lock beam at the same time to unlock the lock. Prevent violent pry unlock.

Full metal solid lock body prevents technical unlocking and violent destruction

The lock body is the key to distinguish whether the lock is of high quality. The AreoX U type lock adopts a higher safe B class lock cylinder to effectively prevent the technology from unlocking. The lock body is a full metal solid that prevents violent destruction. Protect your bike safely with double protection from the inside out.

Multiple stringent quality tests, safe and reliable, assured choice


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