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Motorcycle Racing Sports Shoes


Motorcycle Racing Sports Shoes

  • Moulded Replaceable Scotch lite on rear for night time safety.
  • give excellent reliable grip in every part of the sole for all conditions.
  • Alloy Plastic concept system protections.
  • Mix tread pattern
  • Alloy Plastic concept system protections.
  • shock absorbing TPR.
  • Water Proof breathable lining.
  • Vented Leather and PU upper.


The Motorcycle Racing Sports Shoes are designed to provide a good grip and reliable performance in all conditions. They feature a Scotch lite on the rear for nighttime safety, as well as a mixed tread pattern and shock-absorbing TPR. The vented leather and PU upper are breathable and water-resistant, making them a good choice for any motorcycle racing enthusiast.

Motorcycle Racing Sports Shoes

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