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Honda CBR1000RR Steering Damper 2008-2016



  • Item Weight: 0.95kg
  • Item Type: Covers & Ornamental Mouldings
  • Color: Black
  • Fitment: For Honda CBR1000 RR 2008-2016



Enhance your Honda CBR1000RR’s (2008-2016) handling and stability with this high-performance steering damper. This essential upgrade provides precise steering control, especially during high-speed riding, aggressive maneuvers, or unpredictable road conditions.

Experience the difference a steering damper makes:

  • Reduced headshake: Combats tank slappers and minimizes handlebar wobble for a smoother, more confident ride.
  • Improved control: Provides additional stability during hard braking, cornering, and acceleration.
  • Enhanced high-speed handling: Inspires confidence when pushing your CBR1000RR’s limits on the track or open road.
  • Easy installation (on most models): Streamlined design allows for a straightforward upgrade process (refer to your specific model’s instructions).
  • Durable black finish: Complements your CBR1000RR’s aggressive aesthetics.
  • Lightweight construction (0.95kg): Maintains optimal performance without adding unnecessary weight.

Take your Honda CBR1000RR’s performance and safety to the next level. This steering damper is a crucial investment for any rider seeking precision handling and unwavering control.

Honda CBR1000RR Steering Damper 2008-2016 Honda CBR1000RR Steering Damper 2008-2016 Honda CBR1000RR Steering Damper 2008-2016 Honda CBR1000RR Steering Damper 2008-2016

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Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Silver

Make Model Year
Honda CBR1000RR 2008 - 2016

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