Etook Lock Folding Mountain Bike Lock Strongest Anti Theft


Brand Name: ETOOK  Size: 110cm  Brand: ETOOK  Product name: bike lock  Model number: ET590  Material: special steel alloy  Weight: 1325g  Color: Black, white, blue, red, green  Length: 110cm  Thickness: 5mm


Product Information

Material: Special Steel Alloy Model No.: ET590 Usage: Motorcycle lock, electric bike lock, mountain bike lock, etc. Color: Black, white, red, blue, green.(only bracket) Size: 1100mm Thickness of plate: 5mm Weight: 1325g Security level: 5(longer period in outdoor)

Product Feature

1.Easy to fold and storage.110cm can also fold very quickly, we test every lock plate to ensure the smoothness when go out from factory. 2.Convenient and fashionable design. The lock bracket use the classic ETOOK side pulling design, we have won the patent for this unique and special way to take out the lock very fast from one side. 3.Top production material. We use hardened steel which have been through special heated treatment, no one do this careful process to make the metal being real hard, but ETOOK insisted to do it. 4.Advanced Swiss technology of the lock cylinder. Our key teeth has a special 0.3mm curve,not like the normal key can be copied by locksmith master, ETOOK key can never be copied. Every key has a unique code, please remember it or take a photo of it, tell us the code is the only way to reorder a ETOOK key.


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