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BT-S3 helmet intercom wireless Bluetooth headset



BT-S3 helmet intercom wireless Bluetooth headset

  • External Testing Certification: CE 
  • Special Function: FM 
  • Special Function: Noise Reduction
  • Special Function: Waterproof 
  • Item Weight: 50g 
  • Item Height: 1.5cm



Durable Performance Guaranteed

Immerse yourself in the thrill of seamless communication with the BT-S3 Helmet Intercom Wireless Bluetooth Headset. Designed for adventurers, motorcyclists, and outdoor enthusiasts, this headset enhance how you connect while on the move.

Stay Connected Anywhere

With its advanced Bluetooth technology, the BT-S3 ensures uninterrupted communication with your riding companions or fellow adventurers. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or trekking through rugged terrain, stay connected effortlessly, enhancing safety and camaraderie on every journey.

Crystal Clear Sound, Zero Distractions

Experience crystal clear sound quality even in the midst of roaring engines or windy landscapes, thanks to the innovative noise reduction feature. Enjoy conversations with unparalleled clarity, eliminating distractions and enhancing focus on the road ahead.

Built to Endure Every Adventure

Designed with durability in mind, the BT-S3 is CE-certified and boasts waterproof capabilities, ensuring reliable performance in all weather conditions. Its lightweight design, weighing just 50g and standing at a mere 1.5cm tall, adds minimal bulk while maximizing comfort during extended rides or outdoor escapades.

BT-S3 helmet intercom wireless Black and Blue

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