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Motorcycle Meters: Digital Odometers, Water Temperature Gauges, and LCD Screens for 2-4 Cylinders

Bikes typically have an additional one or two odometers manually reset to zero by the rider if you want to measure shorter distances, like a single ride. They are referred to as “trip meters” when used as odometers. LCD screens and temperature gauges are two additional high-tech motorcycle meters. These motorcycle meters are very important components of any motorcycle’s information display. They assist riders with tasks like figuring out the bike’s fuel efficiency, knowing when to have it serviced, and giving a general idea of the bike’s age.

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Odometers, temperature gauges, and motorcycle LCDs are the cutting-edge motorcycle meters we believe everyone should have installed. Aliwheels has got you covered in all these areas. We have the most high-value catalog of high-quality motorcycle meters sourced from the leading motorcycle brands. So, let’s quickly explore what they are and how they work in the section below:

Digital Odometers

Odometers function by multiplying the number of rotations that (typically) the front wheel makes by its circumference. The hub of the front wheel and the rotary counter in the instrument cluster are physically linked by gears and cables in mechanical odometers. In contrast, digital odometers produce an electrical pulse every time the bicycle’s front wheel completes a rotation using a magnetic or optical sensor. On a digital readout, this data is compiled by a microchip in the instrument cluster.

It is kept in an electronic memory unit to prevent losing this information every time the ignition is turned on and off. An odometer typically calculates the distance a bike has traveled from when it rolls off the assembly line to the present day. Without a doubt, the odometer will reset to zero once it reaches either 99,999km/h (if it has five digits) or 999,999km/h (if it has six digits) (if it has six digits). At the most competitive prices, Aliwheels offers the highest quality digital odometers. Buy now, then!

Water Temperature Gauges

Similar to a thermometer, a water temperature gauge for bikes functions similarly. Your engine’s overheating, which can result in serious engine damage, can be detected by keeping an eye on the temperature of the engine coolant. Analog water temperature gauge kits from 100 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and digital water temperature gauges from 68 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit are available from Aliwheels. There is also a gauge for a water temperature that ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius. Many drivers install aftermarket water temperature gauges if the factory gauge isn’t accurate enough. Aliwheels water temperature gauges feature an electronic water temperature sensor for incredibly accurate readings.

Each analog and digital water temperature gauge includes all necessary installation components. An Electronic Water Temperature Sensor with 1/8-27 NPT Male Threads is included. A 2′ Power Harness with a 2′ Sensor Lead Wire, a Gauge Visor, Mounting Hardware, and other accessories are also included with these gauges. You can follow the provided Installation Instructions step by step to install the water temperature gauge. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still need assistance, and a member of our customer service team will guide you through the installation. Contact us now to start shopping!

LCD Displays for 2-4 Cylinders

An electric bike LCD display is essential. While the motorcycle odometer is its most important component, the LCD display is another feature that emphasizes the benefits of the machine’s integrated technology. Although most people are only familiar with e-bike speedometers, the LCD display monitors all the significant parameters you should be aware of while riding. These include instantaneous power output display (power meter), pedal assist, battery, USB charging, and more.

The ability to monitor one’s performance and make necessary adjustments is undoubtedly the main benefit of e-bike LCD displays. For those who cycle for fitness, this is especially crucial. Rather than exercising aimlessly, they can do so with this. The information on the visual display can help riders push their endurance to the limit. An LCD screen is only useful if the user knows its capabilities and the dynamic nature of the data it displays. Users need to become familiar with the various display functions as a result. So if you are searching for high-quality and high-value motorcycle LCD screens, Aliwheels has got you covered!

The main points

Motorcycles and e-bikes are a greener mode of transportation than cars because they produce no air pollution. Going for a bike ride around the neighborhood is a good idea to unwind after a long day at work. Of course, noise pollution doesn’t exist. The LCD on electric bicycles is crucial. E-bike speedometers, for example, help riders monitor their performance and make wise decisions. Users must become familiar with the various display functions, what they represent, and how to modify them.

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