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Motorbikes & Covid

Disarray actually encompasses whether you can lawfully ride recreationally during the current England lockdown.

A few lawful firms and riding bunches accept that as the law states you are legitimately named ‘to leave your home to visit a public outside spot for the motivations behind outdoors entertainment all alone, with individuals from your family unit or with one individual external that gathering’ that, as the street is an open public space, this implies you are alright to ride for delight as long as you remain on open land (yet you can’t go to a motocross track, for instance).

Where things get somewhat murkier is with the Government’s recommendation, which suggests diminishing the number of excursions you take. “Riding your bike for joy wouldn’t be classed as fundamental travel or qualify under the exemptions recorded,” said Chief Constable for Northamptonshire and sharp motorcyclist, Nick Adderley. “I don’t figure you could contend it’s the activity by the same token. I’m similarly disappointed in leaving my bicycle in the carport.”

These clashing positions are not helped by the Government’s refusal to offer further lucidity when asked by MCN – so the discussion looks set to proceed until the lockdown in England, set up to ensure the NHS, closes on December 2. See the most recent enactment at

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