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Realizing how to eliminate a back cruiser tire yourself is a valuable ability for any of the accompanying Do-It-Yourself (DIY) occupations:


  1. Supplanting your bike chain.
  2. Supplanting your sprockets.
  3. Supplanting your back brake rotor.
  4. Supplanting your back tire.

Before we begin

Before we start, how about we go more than two inquiries:

For what reason would it be advisable for me to eliminate my back bike tire? As I would like to think, realizing how to eliminate your own bike back tire is a fundamental ability since you can do it with truth be told, essential hand apparatuses (generally a wrench or two), and in doing so it can save you a huge load of cash.

What amount of cash would I be able to save to eliminate my rear wheel myself? That relies upon the work. On the off chance that all you need to do is a bolt-on another sprocket or bolt-on another brake rotor, you can save yourself about an hour’s work from a shop (ordinarily about $100) by accomplishing the work yourself. In case you’re requiring new tires introduced, my neighborhood shop charges me about $40 less to get my tires on an edge, as opposed to presenting to them the entire bicycle.

Instructions to eliminate a back bike tire

Stage 1: Put the cruiser on a jack and lift the back tire

The initial phase in eliminating a cruiser’s back tire is to laid out the groundwork for yourself. All you need is a cruiser jack like the one I use or a bike stand that lifts your bicycle by certain spools.

Anyway, you lift your bike, simply ensure it is secure, you’re protected, and the back tire is off the ground sufficient that the back tire can turn unreservedly.

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Stage 2: Remove the hub nut

Expecting you’ve changed the chain previously, you definitely realize how to change your hub nut. One wrench on each side of the back hub nut, and turn one of them left while holding the other immovably.

In the event that you just have one wrench, get a subsequent one! While you sit tight for it to show up, you can bring down your bike back onto the ground, put it in stuff, and you ought to have the option to relax the hub nut off that way.

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Stage 3: Loosen off the chain agents

In the event that you’ve at any point changed your bike chain, you ought to be acquainted with slackening and fixing the chain agents. This time we will probably release the chain agents enough to make A LOT of chain slack.

Recall that relaxing the chain agents uniformly, which means a similar number of turns on each side of your wheel, will help keep your back tire’s arrangement straight.

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Stage 4: Remove the chain from the back sprocket

At the point when you make sufficient chain slack, eliminating the chain off of the back sprocket will be simple. In the first place, you slide or push the wheel or hub towards the front of the cruiser. At that point, you can essentially turn the wheel while lifting the cruiser’s chain and the chain will fall off.

Once off, shift it aside and far removed. You can rest it over the cruiser’s swingarm.

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Stage 5: Remove the pivot and slide the wheel out

Now the lone thing holding that back tire set up is your hub. Presently is a fun opportunity to ensure that your jack is indeed supporting the bike, and there’s no weight on your back tire. When you’re certain that you’re safe, simply haul the pivot out or if it’s stuck in there, utilize a mallet to tap it out.

For my situation, the back pivot had no oil on it at all, so I utilized a mallet and a metal bar somewhat more slender than the hub to bang it out. Continuously make sure to grease up your cruiser pivot prior to supplanting it.

With the chain off and the hub out, you can simply roll your back bike wheel directly out of your cruiser!

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