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Up for a thrilling ride? The Yamaha Fz1 is your way-to-go to thrill and chill. Let your inner Racer out while this legendary bike roars and tears the road apart, in just a few seconds you can even outrun the Grim Reaper with its lightning pickup.

The Yamaha FZ1, the legend from 2015 is not just a motorcycle, it’s a ride that drives the attention of all, with a powerful body, roaring engine, and a stunning design. But beneath this aggressive exterior lies a machine that surprises all, it’s whether you are driving on a crunchy mountain road or a plain highway this monster never fails to exceed your expectations.

About Yamaha FZS 1000 Fazer (2001 to 2005)

Talk shortly about the FZS1000 Fazer, the 2001 Yamaha Fazer 1000 is a sports bike with a top speed of 165 mph. It has a tubular steel frame, a modified YZF-R1 engine, and Rl-type brakes.

The Fazer 1000 also has:

  • A comfortable seat
  • A half-fairing
  • Instrumentation
  • Fully adjustable Kayaba suspension
  • Heated grips

The Fazer 1000 is known as the FZ1 in the United States.


  • Reliable
  • Comfortable
  • Great motor


  • Build quality is not good
  • Corrosion-related issues
  • The EXUP valve in the exhaust can seize


About Yamaha FZ1 (2006 to 2015)

About Yamaha FZ1 (2006 to 2015)

The Yamaha FZ1 is a naked street motorcycle that was first sold in 2001. The first generation was sold until 2005. The model was called the FZS1000 Fazer.

Then later came the FZ1, which was based on the R1, which means it has the latest technology and proven reliability. The injection in the 2006 models was sudden, but it improved in the 2007 models, and it continued until 2015.

Let’s now have a closer look at what sets this beast apart

Major Specifications:

  • Engine: 998cc, liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder, DOHC, 20-valves
  • Displacement: 998cc
  • Bore: 77 mm
  • Stroke: 53.6 mm
  • Power: 147.9bhp
  • Torque: 146 Nm
  • Maximum load: 420 pounds
  • Mileage: 20 KM/L
  • Fuel tank capacity: 18.0 L
  • Gears: 6
  • Identification: Carryover
  • Fuel injected: Yes
  • Chain: Chain
  • Hydraulic disc: Dual hydraulic disc
  • Tires: Metzeler 120/70 ZR17
  • Weight: 487 lbs

Key Features:

  • Seating position: The FZ1 has a standard seating position that’s upright and out of sight, making long rides easier.
  • Handlebars: The FZ1 has handlebars and risers that take strain off the wrists.
  • Frame: The FZ1 has a gravity die-cast frame that’s 89mm narrower and 9kg lighter than the previous model’s frame.
  • Engine: The FZ1 has a 998cc, liquid-cooled engine that produces a maximum power of 147.9 bhp at 11000 rpm and a peak torque of 106Nm at 8000 rpm.
  • Suspension: The FZ1 has a fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork and a single shock with adjustable preload and rebound damping.
  • Brakes: The FZ1 has excellent brakes that are smooth over bumps.
  • Load capacity: The FZ1 has a maximum load of 420 pounds.
  • Other features: The FZ1 has a shorty muffler, wide pillion, grab bars, and sculpted bodywork.

Engine: The Heart

The Yamaha FZ1 is known as a legendary and successful motorcycle, and a large part of its success is gone to its powerful and reliable engine. In the heart of this beast stays a 998cc inline-four engine that produces a thrilling 150 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful motorcycles in its league.

A Deeper Dive into its Engine:

  • Engine Type: 998cc liquid-cooled inline-four
  • Horsepower: 150 hp at 10,000 rpm
  • Torque: 105 lb-ft at 8,000 rpm
  • Stroke and Bore: 77.0 mm x 53.6 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 11.5:1
  • Fuel Delivery: Carburetors (early models), fuel injection (later models)
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Final Drive: Chain

The R1 has been used in major championship events around the world.

Top-notch Performance

The Yamaha FZ1, known for its sporty design and performance, typically features a powerful inline-four engine, providing strong acceleration and top-end speed. Its performance is well-regarded for a balanced mix of sport and street riding. Keep in mind that specific model years may have variations, so it’s advisable to check reviews and specifications for the particular year you’re interested

The Control: Handling

The Yamaha FZ1 has been used for daily commutes, touring, and track days since 2001. With a Top-notch Handling. The tubular steel perimeter frame, fully adjustable rear and front suspension, manageable weight, and fairly taught 57″ wheelbase, make it easy for you to control this racer at any speed. Also, the handle has a lock as well to ensure you park your bike safe and sound while you are away.

While some say it has great power and handling, good ergonomics, and is a real-world sport bike. Others say it has a lot of buffeting and wind protection that’s not great.

Powerful Brakes

The FZ1 has dual 298 mm floating discs with 4-piston calipers. The front brake is activated by a lever on the right side of the handlebar. While the rear brake is activated by a foot pedal on the right side.

To brake, use the front and rear brake all the way through to the stop.

How to Bleed the Brakes?

    1. Place a wrench over the bleed valve and drain line.
    2. Open and close the bleeder valve to expel aerated fluid.
    3. Repeat the process until the fluid is solid and there are no bubbles.
    4. Check that all lines and connections are tight and there are no leaks.

The Eye-catching Looks

The Yamaha FZ1 is a motorcycle that has a bold, elegant look. The FZ1 has a die-cast-aluminum spar frame that surrounds a 20-valve engine. It also has a diamond-type frame, 120/70ZR17 front tires, and 190/50ZR17 rear tires

The Roar: Exhaust

The Yamaha FZ1 has a stainless-steel 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust system that incorporates an EXUP valve and two catalyzers. Exhaust systems can improve airflow and increase power by allowing exhaust gases to flow more freely. They can also help to lessen weight, freeing up the valuable horsepower that lies within.

Top Speed

The Yamaha FZ1 has a top speed of 154 miles per hour (248 kilometers per hour). It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.01 seconds and from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 6.48 seconds.

The Stomach: Tank

The fuel tank capacity of the Yamaha FZ1 is 21 liters (5.5 gallons). The FZ1 has a wet weight of 233 kilograms (518 pounds). It also comes with a low-fuel warning light. So, no need to open up the tank cap to see if you have enough.

The Mileage

The Yamaha FZ1 has a fuel tank capacity of 18 liters. Based on ARAI, the average mileage of the FZ1 is 20 km/l. This means that the bike can go up to 360 kilometers on a full tank. However, the actual mileage may vary depending on driving conditions and riding habits.

The Comfort Seats

The 2015 Yamaha FZ1 is designed to provide comfort for both the rider and passenger. The FZ1 has an ergonomic comfort saddle with gel insert pads and seat heaters.

The Suspensions

The Yamaha FZ1 has a fully adjustable suspension. The front suspension has a 43mm inverted fork with separate damping functions. The left side of the fork has compression, while the right side has rebound.

The rear suspension has a monotube design that holds a larger volume of fluid. This allows for a separate gas chamber that eliminates cavitation. This provides stable damping throughout different performance settings.

The FZ1’s suspension has the following adjustable controls: 

  • Front and rear suspension preload
  • Rebound damping
  • Compression damping

Properly inflated tires are also an important part of a properly adjusted suspension.

There are also air suspension kits available for the Yamaha FZ1. These kits can increase the firmness of the suspension to make it tighter when driving fast or soften it up for a more comfortable ride.

Pros of Yamaha FZ1:

✔️ Powerful Engine: The FZ1 is equipped with a potent inline-four engine, delivering strong acceleration and impressive top-end speed, providing a thrilling riding experience.

✔️ Versatile Performance: It strikes a balance between sporty and practical, making it suitable for both spirited rides and everyday commuting.

✔️ Comfortable Riding Position: The upright and comfortable riding position makes it suitable for longer rides, promoting rider comfort and reducing fatigue.

✔️ Quality Suspension: The bike typically features quality suspension components, contributing to stable handling and a smooth ride.

✔️ Aggressive Styling: With its aggressive and distinctive styling, the FZ1 has a visually appealing design that attracts riders who appreciate a sporty aesthetic.

✔️ Reliability: Yamaha is known for producing reliable motorcycles, and the FZ1 is no exception. It often enjoys a reputation for durability and longevity.

Cons of Yamaha FZ1:

Limited Wind Protection: The bike’s sporty design may result in limited wind protection for the rider, making highway cruising less comfortable compared to touring-oriented bikes.

Intense Power Delivery: While the powerful engine is a pro, it can be a con for some riders, especially beginners, as the intense power delivery may require a learning curve to handle confidently.

Aging Design: The FZ1’s design had been relatively unchanged for several years. Some riders may see this as a drawback in a market where newer models often boast updated features and designs.

Limited Storage: Like many sport-oriented bikes, the FZ1 typically lacks significant storage space, which could be a consideration for riders looking for a more practical, everyday commuting option.

Higher Fuel Consumption: The performance-oriented nature of the bike may result in higher fuel consumption compared to more fuel-efficient commuter motorcycles.

Note: Individual preferences and priorities vary, so what might be a con for one rider could be a pro for another, depending on their riding style and preferences.

How fast is the Yamaha FZ1?

The R1-derived powerplant has packed only 125 horses, however, it made the FZ1 complete the quarter-mile at 130 mph in just 10.62 seconds. It was tested against the Ducati Monster S4, Suzuki Bandit 1200S, and Kawasaki ZRX1200R, in the June 2001 issue, the Yamaha stayed a runaway winner.

Is Yamaha FZ1 for Touring?

Yes, the Yamaha fz1 is absolutely for daily commutes, long rides, and touring as well. With comfort, good mileage, and great suspensions it makes it easier for the rider to travel smoothly even in the wavy mountains.

Summing Up!

Overall, The Yamaha FZ1 held a 5-star rating from us delivering satisfaction with gratification to its riders, it is also a pillion so you can go for a couple or a friendly ride as well in comfort. Although, It was discontinued in 2015, but yet its legacy still remains alive in most riders’ garages and their hearts as well. So, whether you are a starter or a seasoned rider the Yamaha FZ1 is a perfect pick for you either if you want to commute daily or if you are having a mindful thought of touring, get your keys right, put the ignition on and let the beast roar while you conquer the road.

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