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buying a new motorcycle from a dealer

Buying A New Motorcycle From A Dealer: How To Do It?

Do A Detailed Research

If you are willing to buy a new motorcycle from a dealer but don’t know how to do it, look no further, as, in this article, we have covered all the information that you need to have prior to buying a new motorcycle from a dealer. So, without any further ado, let us get started.

A lot of motorcycle riders get their hands on an eye-catching motorcycle, only to find out that it is quite uncomfortable, too unwieldy, too complicated, difficult to get on or difficult to get off, too basic, or too heavy for their liking. The list goes on and on.

Therefore, to avoid such a nuisance, we urge you to take as many driving tests as possible. It would be best if you faced the truth regarding how skilled you are in riding a motorcycle and which suits you best. You might be attracted to a bold, flashy, and largest motorcycle at the first sight. However, you will feel more comfortable and happier on a simple and smaller motorcycle.

Track Down A Trusted Dealer

The most crucial part of buying a new motorcycle from a dealer is none other than finding a trusting dealer that has a genuine reputation. Inquire about a reliable dealer from your biker mates, from different clients of the dealer itself, and most importantly, trust your gut. If you are having second thoughts about the dealer, despite what you have heard, it is advised to take a break and not rush into purchasing a motorcycle. We suggest that it is wise to spend a few extra bucks on a reliable dealer as compared to saving them and getting defrauded.

Keep Devaluation In Your Consideration

Make sure that you understand how much the value of your chosen motorcycle is expected to drop each year. Unfortunately, the value drops to a great extent for new motorcycles. That being said, on average, the value drops down 20 percent within the first 2 years.

As a matter of fact, the devaluation curve starts to flatten approximately after some solid 6 years. If you are willing to absorb such a loss of depreciation then go for it. Unless you can always get your hands on a used motorcycle, where the devaluation has been sucked up by the previous owner. Moreover, the depreciation greatly varies according to the model of motorcycles that you are willing to buy. Say, for example, Harley’s motorcycles do not devalue as much as compared to Japanese sports bikes.

Consider Your Budget And Plan Your Timings Correspondingly

It is advised that never rush into buying something as huge as a motorcycle. Consider your budget first and save money to buy a new motorcycle. In some cases, the motorcycle dealers are usually off the beaten track during the mid–winter season, so you can easily make them agree to deal with you as per your budget. Having said that, the perfect time to negotiate for a motorcycle is during the end of March, June, September, as well as December.

Give Thoughts To The Run – Out Models

Whenever a new model is about to be launched, the dealers usually want to get rid of the older stock. There is absolutely no harm in considering the run–out models if you are getting a cheeky offer out of it.

Consider To Get A Pre – Registered Motorcycle

Usually, the dealers buy the motorcycles themselves and register them with the dealership, in order to meet their sales target. In such cases, the motorcycles are still new yet they are signed under the name of a previous owner, which means that their warranty is ticking off. Deals can be quite tempting in these cases. A lot of people who purchase pre-registered motorcycles are able to save up to more than 10 percent, depending upon the time left on the warranty.

Do Not Be Afraid To Negotiate

A lot of people find it extremely difficult to negotiate. The simple way to ace negotiation is to survey the market prior to buying a motorcycle. In this manner, you will be able to know about different price ranges offering the same model. Be confident while negotiating, and keep in mind that you are standing in a powerful position mainly because you can walk away if you are not interested.

Do Not Feel Compelled To Ride Your Motorcycle Home

Generally, good dealers will offer to deliver your motorcycle to your home so that you will not be watched by a crowd. If you would rather want to ride your bike on your local roads, do not feel pressurized and ask the dealer to deliver it.

Final Thoughts

The process of buying a new motorcycle from a dealer is no rocket science. You must be familiar with some tips and tricks to get your hands on your desired model in a reasonable price range. A lot of people underestimate these tips and tricks and end up paying an arm and a leg to the dealers or becoming a victim of defraud. I hope by reading this article you will be able to get a new motorcycle from a dealer at a reasonable price range. At Aliwheels you can get complete guidance on selecting your motorcycle brand and making it according to your riding style and personality. You can contact our team of motorcycle enthusiasts and riders through our toll-free number or feel free to write to us at

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