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All-Weather Riding: The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gear

Have you ever planned to go out for a ride, but it starts to rain unexpectedly? And your mood starts to fall astronomically as the rain falls on the asphalt. That is where the need for the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Gear pops up in your head, and you start to wonder, what is it that you need exactly? You start researching all over the web for suitable gear to put on while you ride in the rain, but you end up being irritated about what to get and where to get it.

Fret not! Because we have gathered all the stuff through precise discussion and research, in short, we have done all the labor work for you to get to the best Waterproof Motorcycle Riding Gear here at AliWheels.

Don’t let the rain stop you from the adventure of freedom that two wheels give. So, grab your keys as we ride into the 10 best waterproof Motorcycle Gear of all time.

Importance of Waterproof Motorcycle Gear

importance of motorcycle riding gear

The importance of Waterproof motorcycle gear is paramount for every rider. Some love to ride in the rain while some are being stopped by it, for both we have cast out the best waterproof gear. It can help you stay dry and focused, which can reduce the risk of accidents. Wet conditions can make roads slippery and reduce visibility. Waterproof gear can also protect your regular clothes from getting soaked and ruined by the rain.

Some Other Reasons Why Proper Riding Gear Is Important: 

Reduces risk of accidents

Wearing the right equipment when riding can shield you from road garbage, insects, heat from your bike, and even bad weather.

Reduces the severity of injuries

Motorcycle safety gear can significantly reduce the seriousness of injuries received in an accident, even while it may not totally eliminate the probability of crashes.

Protects from the weather

Having riding gear can also help keep you weather-safe. Your body is protected from the wind that blows at high speed through you quickly.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Waterproof Motorcycle Gear

things to consider before buying

Material and Construction:

Look up for waterproof and breathable materials like Gore-Tex. Also, check for sealed or taped seams for effective waterproofing.

Ability to Breath:

Ensure the gear allows moisture to escape, with breathable membranes or ventilation panels.

Comfort and Fit:

Choose gear with a snug yet comfortable fit and adjustable features allowing room for layering in colder weather.


Optimal for high-visibility colors or reflective elements for safety.


Consider gear with removable liners for adaptability to different weather conditions.

Waterproof Zippers:

Look up for gear with waterproof zippers or storm flaps to prevent water from entering.

Impact Protection:

Make sure the gear includes armor or padding in critical areas.


Check for reinforced areas in high-wear zones.

Brand Reputation:

Stick to reputable brands with a history of producing quality motorcycle gear.

Top 10 Waterproof Motorcycle Gear

1. REV’IT! Dominator GTX Gloves:

revit gloves

The REV’IT! Dominator GTX gloves are designed for all-weather riding and feature GORE-TEX with Gore grip technology. They’re made with a mix of leather and a GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable membrane.



Wind- and waterproof

Thermo lining

Stretchable applications

Reflective material

Knuckle protection

Ball of the thumb protection

Visor wiper

High-tech, protective, and weatherproof design


Some say they’re best for spring and fall conditions


The leather dorsal amplifies the wind-breaking performance of the Gore-Tex inner membrane.The rubberized visor wiper on the left index finger works well in heavy rain.The ventilated dual comp protector has highly abrasion-resistant properties.


2. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots:


The Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots are a popular choice for adventure motorcycle boots. They are comfortable, safe, and waterproof, and are suitable for any terrain and climate.

Features of the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots: 

  1. Gore-Tex membrane: Highly breathable and waterproof
  2. Flex System: Allows for flexibility when moving and provides stability
  3. Replaceable 2-buckle closure system: With micro adjustable cam lock buckles and memory retention straps
  4. Shock-resistant heel cup: With a PU shin plate and shift pad
  5. Tongue-in-groove rear of calf panels: Protect the Achilles tendon
  6. Bonded non-slip lug type sole: With reflective panels for nighttime visibility
  7. Inner gaiter: Keeps water out


Super Protective

Easy to get on and off

Comfortable on and off the bike



Serious safety and support





Reviews say the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots are comfortable and well-made. One reviewer says they are so comfortable that they could ride in them all day and almost leave them on for a walk to the pub

3. SealSkinz Waterproof Socks:


SealSkinz manufactures waterproof hats, gloves, and socks. They assert that their socks can withstand puddles, sand, mud, gravel, and more and are 100% waterproof.



Keep water out



Lining made with merino wool


Outer sponges up cold water

Loose around the foot



Too warm to walk in for long periods

Don’t stay waterproof for long


Reviews say SealSkinz Waterproof Socks are comfortable, windproof, and keep water out. However, some say they don’t stay waterproof for long and can be expensive.

4. Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers:


The heavy-duty PVC-coated nylon Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers have reinforced toe and heel areas. They also include reflective branding for visibility and an elasticized top cuff to assist in keeping moisture out. The covers are designed to be easy to slip on and off over boots.


Heavy-duty PVC-coated nylon

Elasticity in the top cuff helps seal out moisture

Made to easily slip on or off over boots

Reflective Tourmaster logos help increase in vision




According to one review, the uppers of the Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers are floppy and dig into the tops of the ankles.

5. Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit:

nelson rigg

The Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit is a two-piece, 100% waterproof rain suit made from a soft PVC-backed, wind/waterproof Trimax Polyester. It’s designed to protect you in harsh conditions and features underarm vents for air circulation. The jacket also has a concealed hood in the corduroy.

The suit has the following features:

  • Soft corduroy inner collar with hood
  • Elasticized waist and adjustable cuff with self-fastening tabs
  • Two large outer pockets
  • The jacket features a storm flap that fastens itself and a full-length zipper.



100% waterproof


Soft collar

Hood in the collar

Stirrups on the pant legs

Generous, waterproof pockets

Good fit

Velcro straps to make the cuffs smaller

Elastic waistband


Next to no breathability

Not particularly durable

Elastic running across

Loose and flutters about quite a bit


According to Ride Adventures, the Nelson-Rigg Stormrider is a cheap, effective, and reliable rain suit. Some Amazon reviewers say it’s a good budget-friendly option, but it’s not something you can wear every time you ride.

6. Scorpion EXO Optima All-Season Gloves:

scorpio gloves

Scorpion EXO also makes the Optima Jacket, which has waterproof vents that can be zipped shut when the weather changes. The jacket also includes an EverHeat thermal liner for colder days.


Good for moderate and hot weather

Touchscreen capacitive

Minimal wear after several thousand miles of wear and one crash

Plenty of airflow in warmer months


Elastic can be frustrating to set up comfortably if not layered properly with sleeves


Reviews say Scorpion EXO gloves are comfortable and durable. They also say the gloves are made with high-quality goat leather.

7. Forma Adventure Off-Road Boots:

forma boots

Forma Adventure Off-Road Boots are designed for ADV riders and combine the comfort of a road boot with the protection of an off-road boot. They are made with oiled Nobuk leather and a dual-density ATV/Quad sole that is non-slip and resistant to hydrocarbons. The boots also have protection in the heel and the area of the changes.





Strong buckles



No narrow sizes

Velcro can catch on pants

Waterproofing only works for water on the outside


8. Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit:

hurricane motorcycle suit

Made of PU-coated poly-nylon, the Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit is a rain suit that is lightweight, waterproof, and adaptable. It has a mesh liner and reflective detailing on the arms, legs, and upper back. The suit also has a diagonal front zipper and long trouser legs.

Closer Look at the Features:

  • Seams: All seams are tape-sealed for guaranteed waterproofing.
  • Fit: Velcro adjustments on the arms and waist for a better fit.
  • Visibility: Reflective print on the chest, back, and arms for increased visibility.
  • Storage: Inner mesh pocket and storage bag included.
  • Waterproof compartment: Waterproof compartment on the inside chest for easy access and storage.
  • Zippered lower leg gusset: Pant can closely fit around all riding boots.
  • Lining: Light poly-mesh lining for improved internal air circulation and comfort.
  • Zip: Ergonomic twin slider main zip runs from thigh to chest for easy in and out of suit.





Fits over leathers

Keeps the wind out

Simple to enter and exit

Waist straps keep it from flapping in the wind


Not the cheapest

Slightly strange zipper

Not the widest opening

Poor sealing


Reviews say the Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit is lightweight, practical, and comfortable. Some say it’s a good rain suit that fits over leathers and keeps wind out. Others say it’s Simple to enter and exit, and the waist straps keep it from flapping in the wind.

9. Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Rain Jacket and Bibs:

frogg togg

The Frogg Toggs The three layers of polypropylene material that make up the Bull Frogg Rain Jacket provide both breathability and waterproofing. It is made for rain protection and wind resistance. The jacket also features a full-zip front with a snap-down storm flap and an adjustable, tucked-away hood. Moreover, they produce Bull Frog Rain Pants.




Durable material

High-density fabric for puncture resistance

Adjustable, tuck-away hood

Snap-down storm flap

Good value for the price


Lack of features like pockets and pit zips

Not very durable

Not the best for breathability


According to one review, the Frogg Toggs are a basic shell and not very durable, but they’re good for cutting weight. Another review says the breathability is below average, but it’s warmer feeling in cool weather.

10. Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet:


For adventure motorcycle riding, Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet is a lightweight option. It is constructed from a high-performance carbon fiber shell and weighs 1290 grams. The helmet has a comfort liner, ventilation, and a quick-release shield and visor system. Also it comes with a fog-free Pinlock lens and two face shields.



Deep ear pockets

Peak doesn’t catch wind at speed

Easy to adapt from street to dirt

Good ventilation

Good build quality


Only two colors available

Thin liner form


The face shield is thin and flexible

Noisier than average



According to Klim, the helmet is versatile and can be used for adventure, dual-sport, off-road, or street riding. It also meets both ECE and DOT standards for safety and shell strength.

How are these Gears Different from other Gears?

difference between gears

The above-mentioned waterproof motorcycle gears stand out for their unmatched quality, advanced technology, and specialized features that cater to the specific needs of every rider facing diverse weather conditions. From the REV’IT! Dominator GTX gloves with GORE-TEX technology to the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots provide safety and comfort across various situations, each gear above offers a unique combination of waterproofing, breathability, and protection. The included items like SealSkinz Waterproof Socks, Tourmaster Deluxe Rain Boot Covers, and Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit reflect a thoughtful approach to keeping riders dry and comfortable in challenging weather.

Furthermore, features like touchscreen capabilities in the Scorpion EXO Optima All-Season Gloves and the flexibility of the Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit showcase the innovation and attention to detail that set these gears apart.

Risks Associated with Riding in Rain:

risks riding in rain

We’ll discuss the risks while you enjoy your ride in the rain, it’s crucial to know the risks that could occur unexpectedly while you ride off from home in the rain.

  • Vision: Rain can make it harder for you to see the road and road issues such as potholes and debris. Raindrops can also stick to your helmet making it harder for you to see through.
  • Slippery Roads: Rain can make it slippery and it can reduce tractions as well. Your bike can slip due to loss of traction on the road.
  • Delayed reaction:Driver controls may react more slowly in wet conditions.
  • Long braking distance:Wet roads can impact a rider’s ability to stop instantly and safely when in need.
  • Bike Damage:Moisture from rain can cause rust on metal parts like the chain, gears, and bolts if they aren’t oiled.

Waterlogged roads: Water can enter the exhaust of two-wheelers causing a blockage that can make the engine stop.

The Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gear Unveiled: Our Top 10 Picks!

The conclusion that we have come up to is that it is paramount for every rider to know the essentials while riding in the rain and also about the crucial Waterproof motorcycle riding gears so that in fear of risks that can happen on the road while it rains, one must not suppress his/her love for riding a motorcycle. Now that you know about the 10 best waterproof motorcycle riding gears you can get most from AliWheels. So that the thrill of riding a motorcycle never stops, and with the knowledge of the risks that could occur while riding in rain, you can foresee them and avoid them safely.

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