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Motorcycle Clutch Plates KAWASAKI KLX250 2001-2004



Clutch Plates KAWASAKI KLX250 2001-2004

  • Material: Fibrous
  • External Testing Certification: ISO9000
  • Special Features: Direct replacements for the original parts
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250   01-04
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250   08-15
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250 KLX250R 94-96
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250 KLX250S 06-07
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250 KLX250S 09-10
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250 KLX250S 12-15
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250 KLX250SF 09-10
  • Fit for: Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250S KLX250 18
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250S KLX250S 11-13
  • Fit for: KAWASAKI KLX250S TKLX250S 14-15



Motorbike Clutch Plates KAWASAKI KLX250 2001-2004

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