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Full Duplex Bluetooth Intercom



  • Special Function: FM 
  • Special Function: Waterproof 
  • Special Function: Noise Reduction 
  • External Testing Certification: CE



Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

Embrace the freedom of uninterrupted communication on your journeys with our Full Duplex Bluetooth Intercom. Whether you’re cruising on your motorcycle or exploring the great outdoors, this cutting-edge device ensures you’re always connected to your fellow riders or adventure buddies. Say goodbye to signal drops and hello to seamless conversations even in the most remote locations.

Immerse Yourself in Superior Audio Quality

Enjoy immersive conversations without the interference of wind, engine noise, or surrounding distractions. With every word transmitted with pristine clarity, you’ll never miss a beat of the conversation.

Multifunctional Bluetooth Intercom

Tune in to your favorite FM stations during long rides to stay entertained, or rest assured knowing your device is waterproof, ready to withstand unexpected weather conditions. From enhancing safety with hands-free communication to elevating your entertainment options, our Full Duplex Bluetooth Intercom is your ultimate riding companion.

Full Duplex Bluetooth Intercom Black Full Duplex Bluetooth Intercom Black



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