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12 V Universal Motorcycle Tachometer Meter LED Backlight Level Gauge oil 12RPM



Brand Name: VODOOL  Item Width: 9.6cm  Item Weight: 603g  Model Name: Motorcycle Meter Gaude  External Testing Certification: CCC  Material Type: Electroplated Iron  Special Features: Motorbike LCD Digital Speedometer Tachometer  Item Height: 7.5cm  Item Diameter: 9.6cm  Item Length: 17cm  LED backlight: white light  Input voltage: DC 12V




1. Complete functions: the function includes (speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, water temperature gauge), the LCD screen is very clear, the viewing angle is large and the soft vision, relieve eye fatigue.
2. Left and right turn signals: show where the vehicle’s turn signals are located. Usually in the flameout state, when the owner lights the turn signal, the indicator will light up in the corresponding direction.
3. Gear position (N, 1-6 gear position display function, and there is no need to add another gear positioner)
4. Oil quantity indicator: shows the amount of oil stored in the vehicle. When the electric door is opened and the meter performs self-test, the fuel gauge function prompts you whether you need to refuel.
5. High beam: display the status of the vehicle high beam, usually extinguished, when the owner turns on the high beam, the indicator light indicates that the vehicle high beam is on
6. KM / H to MPH (metric system display switch)

Gross weight: 603g
Net weight: 556g
Product size: surface diameter: 96mm/3.78″; thickness: 75mm/2.95″; height: 170mm/6.69″
Product material: electroplated iron
Product color: black + silver
LED backlight: white light
Input voltage: DC 12V
Working voltage: 12V
Speedometer: Tire model 120/80/17, 34Hz means 60KM/H. Speed up 5%, 34Hz means 63KM/H
Fuel gauge: LCD display F point 8Ω-E point 98Ω
Water temperature below 165Ω, long indicator display
Main switch off, standby power consumption is less than 4mA

Button Function:
A. Short press the button to switch between total and subtotal.
B. In the total interface, press and hold the button for 4 seconds, the metric system switches, the default is in metric system; after switching, it can be saved even if it is completely powered off.
C. In the subtotal interface, press and hold the button for 4 seconds, and the subtotal is cleared.

Wiring method:
(round head line):
Black: electric switch positive pole
Red: battery positive (normally 12V positive)
Gray: 6 gear 12 Negative control, LCD display

Green: 12V negative
Blue/white: oil signal
Orange: left turn, 12V positive control, LCD display
Light blue: turn right, 12V positive control, LCD display
Black/red: speed signal input
Blue: headlights high beam, 12V positive control, liquid crystal display
Blue/yellow: ABS, liquid crystal display

Gear line group (6 line group)
Green / Red: N file, 12 negative control, LCD display
Pink: 1st gear, 12 negative control, LCD display
Blue/red: 2 files, 12 negative controls, LCD display
Green/Black: 3 files, 12 negative controls, LCD display
Yellow / red: 4 files, 12 negative control, LCD display
Yellow / white: 5 files, 12 negative control, LCD display
Brown/red: engine fault light, 12V negative control, liquid crystal display
Green/White: Water temperature signal

Sensor wiring method (3-wire group):
Red/White: sensor positive
Green:  sensor negative
Black/white: sensor signal


1 x Set of Motorcycle Gauge



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