Indian Motorcycle vendor makes pair of custom Scouts – Ali Wheels

French seller Indian Motorcycle Metz has revealed two new custom manifestations dependent on the Indian Scout. It has a riding position to suit the run race design.

Reversed bars from Biltwell and a Winderkind raised seat mean a leaned forward position. Avon Cobra Chrome tires and Galfer petal circles finish the presentation look.

AR Performance did the paint job with Orange Lamborghini subtleties and no less than seven layers of stain.


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In the meantime, the Red Wings has a stripped-back, old-school-style including a Monza fuel cap. It has a skimming single-seat and splendid chrome wire haggles tremendous 200-area back tire.

The springer support front end made by Blechfee which supports a fog light is m the most attractive detail. Bent twofold exhaust pipes finish the look.

“We bend over backward to show a fun, youthful, and dynamic picture and there could be no more excellent approach to communicate that than with the traditions we make dependent on the Indian Scout,” said Thomas Castany of Indian Motorcycle Metz.

“Indian Motorcycle is an unbelievable brand, and we are pleased to address it in Lorraine.”