Operating Offices and Warehouses




North America-New York

America after Asia is our second most important continent in terms of bike parts and leather gear. People of America love bikes. We have the biggest number of Harley Davidson riders and we actively take part in the bike meet ups. Our administrative office is in the city of New York that deals with operations in all 50 States.







Europe ranked the 3rd in trading and business is one of the continents where Aliwheels bike parts are ordered heavily. Most of our customers are from London, Milan and Paris . They rely on us and believe in us . We have our warehouses in Madrid and Oslo from where we distribute our products to our loyal riders and customers






Mountain biking is a growing sport in Australia. More and more trails are opening up, which means more organized bike events.

Many events in Australia are based on racing and people here love biking and racing. The most ordered  bikes and bike parts in Australia are of touring bikes. Our warehouse is located in Canberra and Perth.







We are located in Durban and believe in expansion and bring many marketing campaigns both traditionally and digitally in the areas of Africa . People of Africa love physical challenges and believe in adventure sports biking.





South America

We love South America, when it comes to diversity – scenery, wildlife and people, but people here love motorcycling and sports . Every year at the end of November and December we hit sales from South America. Our office is located in Bogota . Santiago and Sao Paulo are our from where we receive many orders.