Aprilia’s new RS660 is the Noale association’s first new machine in quite a while, connecting a vast opening their sportsbike range between the RSV4 1100 and the RS50 and RS125. It likewise has a pristine motor… well, kind of.

The fluid cooled 8v, 659cc equal twin is really the front portion of the V4 1100cc motor from the RSV4 and Tuono, with all their elite resources still unblemished. It has new housings and castings obviously, yet it’s as yet a superbike protuberance at its center. Admissions, ignition chambers and internals are planned and fabricated utilizing loads of abbreviations, for example, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and FEM (Finite Element Method).


The motor highlights variable tallness consumption trumpets, 48mm choke bodies, emptied out camshafts, a smooth six-speed gearbox with an up/down quickshifter and a slip and help grasp. It utilizes a similar 81mm bore as the V4, yet a more extended 63.93mm stroke, up from the 1100’s 52.3mm.

Its new high-pressure (13.5:1 proportion) chamber head is tuned for additional low and midrange snort. Pinnacle force is 49lb-ft @ 8500rpm and it makes 80% of it at simply 4000rpm and 90% at 6250rpm – ideal for genuine riding. The Euro5 agreeable equal twin makes a class-driving 99bhp @ 10,500rpm (or 94bhp for the A2 permit restrictable form), which is sufficient to push the RS660 along at an insidious pace of bunches, particularly as it weighs nearly nothing (simply 183kg wet) and its unpredictable terminating 270° wrench supplies it with the hard-edged thunder of a 90° V-twin when you whip it.

The motor is inclined forward in the casing to get the warmth far from the rider and the twofold cleaned fairing brings are planned down to quicken air between the boards for more effective cooling.

In any case, not at all like a superbike that has so much execution it’s difficult to utilize in excess of a small amount of it out and about, the RS660’s capacity isn’t over the top and it’s that, alongside its comfortable riding position, that makes it so natural to ride and get the best out of at typical rates.





Now officially called the ‘MSX125 Grom’ the pocket-sized funster gets a new Euro5-compliant but still air-cooled 125cc motor, while the gearbox is now five speed, rather than four.

Top speed remains about the same (58mph) but with a better spread between each gear. As you may have already guessed, power remains unchanged, however the internal updates have made everything that bit smoother running, just like the new CBF125, so it can now do over 150mpg


Six years on, and with a refresh forced by the requirement for it to currently pass Euro5, the MSX has received its initial important makeover.



The biggest modification could be arguably the styling, with a giant refresh of the bodywork with a touch of neo-retro influence thrown in. apparently the refresh has ushered in easily-removable body panels which will be removed with simply six bolts. Nestled within the bodywork is a revised digital digital display dash that now includes a rev-counter and kit indicator, though the chassis is unchanged.

A new Honda sport Corporation (HRC) kit has been free to the japanese market – changing the A1 licence friendly Honda MSX125 Grom into atiny low capability racer.


Go Grom Grom…


Starting in 2017, the favored series sees the small machines raced at variety of painting short circuits, as well as Tsukuba, Sugo and Twin Ring Motegi.

Doing away with all road-going amenities, comparable to lights, indicators and bracketry, the kit Grom is sold as a full race bike and gets special bodywork, including a belly pan and revised tail. There’s additionally a performance exhaust, lever guards and a lot of – to not mention the placing HRC paint job.



Realizing bike hand signals is fundamental for any rider. Not exclusively is it politeness to wave back to a kindred rider. It is additionally an approach to speak with different drivers. This can guard you against dangers out and about. Riders use bike hand signs to demonstrate the police is a mile not far off, holding back to give you a speeding ticket. Or on the other hand even, that you neglected to drop your blinker.

In bunch rides, the main rider additionally demonstrates that he is easing back somewhere near motor braking, in which case the brake light doesn’t illuminate. Except if you have a committed gadget, that demonstrates motor braking on your brake light. Peruse this blog to find out about the »slowing down« and »you neglected to drop your indicators« among other basic bike hand signals. Get a few indications on how you can improve your bike for more security on each ride.


Each rider realizes that cruisers are substantially more liable to be presented to risky circumstances contrasted with other mechanized vehicles. Indeed, even the littlest slip-up can prompt extreme wounds and can harm your bike destroyed.

One of the most significant parts of riding a cruiser is to envision every single imaginable situation standing by to wreck you. Besides, it ought to be each rider’s enthusiasm to be seen and seen by different drivers. Not to flaunt! Just to ensure vehicle drivers will see you soon enough, so they don’t pull up before you. Taking the riders option to proceed is perhaps the greatest reason for mishaps. Anyway, what methods for correspondence are accessible when riding a bike?

Each cruiser is outfitted with a front lamp, passing light and a taillight, brake light, blinkers or markers, a horn, a few reflectors and that is generally all that is a piece of your bike that you can use to convey. Intermittent fire up besieging is likewise an approach to stand out. In any case, it may not generally pull in the kind of consideration you look for 😉 As a rider, you sure should know the restriction of above-recorded guides to impart. It is clear where bike hand signs can assist you in connecting with different drivers. Appropriate correspondence will build your permeability, and it will assist different drivers with recognizing your aims all the more

precisely. At last, this can expand your well being and certainty out and about and forestall an enormous level of mishaps and wounds. Each cruiser is outfitted with a front lamp, passing light and a taillight, brake light, blinkers or markers, a horn, a few reflectors and that is generally all that is a piece of your bike that you can use to convey. Intermittent fire up besieging is likewise an approach to stand out. In any case, it may not generally pull in the kind of consideration you look for 😉

As a rider, you sure should know the restriction of above-recorded guides to impart. It is clear where bike hand signs can assist you in connecting with different drivers. Appropriate correspondence will build your permeability, and it will assist different drivers with recognizing your aims all the more precisely. At last, this can expand your wellbeing and certainty out and about and forestall an enormous level of mishaps and wounds.


Some hand signals are just a pleasant method to tell different riders you saw them and waved hi. Right now, show regard and thankfulness to an individual from the cruiser network. A few bike hand signals advise you about sudden circumstances out and about. In the event that you notice an obstruction out and about and hand-signal it to different riders, they know to anticipate something irregular. Right now, rider can back off and put more consideration making a course foresee the deterrent prior and pas it securely.


I know, might I be able to compose the title all the more confusingly? All things considered, to explain this right away. It IS legitimate to utilize hand flags on a bike. Furthermore, IT IS NOT ILLEGAL to utilize them. For whatever length of time that your bike is furnished with golden-hued pointers, front light, tail light, and brake light.

In many nations on the planet, it isn’t obligatory to utilize hand signals. Be that as it may, it is encouraged to utilize them. It bodes well, the better the correspondence, the almost certain it is that two drivers will perceive each other’s aims. Right now, can evade unbalanced as well as hazardous circumstances. At the point when you are braking with the motor, there is no sign to the drivers behind you, on the off chance that you don’t flag it with your hands.

Recently we built up a gadget, which can flag motor braking and downshifting on your brake light. Prior to that, the main path was to discharge the handlebar with your left arm and demonstrate easing back down with a descending movement of your hand.

Investigate an audit of the Smart Brake Module from Mr. Stuart Filingham, a previous UK cop. He clarifies the advantages and convenience of the gadget. It can precisely and dependably swap the hand signal for easing back down with motor braking.


Before planning to buy a motorcycle what brand color or anything too depth think on the purpose why you want to buy a motorcycle for yourself. Do you want it for your riding after weekends or work? Or for commuting? Or just for on and off riding? Well, how you are willing to use your motorcycle may states which bike should you consider and which to avoid buying.

How much money are you willing to spend on your motorcycle:

Another factor that is involved while considering a bike is how much do you want to spend on your first motorcycle? Would, you rather buy a lightly used motorcycle that can run up to a year or two and then upgrade to something larger Or if there is not a good used motorcycle would you take a heavy priced bike with your long term vision of what you want? In reality, you will drop your motorcycle, gently fall over, or will probably have an accident. The question is how much can you afford in replacing the body parts even if your bike is insured with a deductible?

Features to look on a beginners motorcycle

When taking motorcycle into consideration there comes a long list of features for each bike which when creating the list diminished so you can get a handful that will help you choose the best beginner motorcycle for yourself. The following norms are to look into each bike that will help you when you will be hunting for or seeking a new adventure :

  •    Engine size should be less than 600cc :

600cc engine size should always be the general starting point of every beginner rider. It is said that a 600cc sportbike has more horsepower as compared to a 600cc cruiser. Second, a larger bike rider may find that a 600cc motorbike is too small similarly a smaller biker may find the same motorcycle large. But you as a rider need to see whats fit and what is best for you as this is just a starting point for consideration.

  • Bikes Fairing/Windscreen:

To tuck out of the weather and the wind you need to install a fairing or windscreen to your bike. As to fight against the force of the air while riding the bike leaning forward and pushing your body to go through tough wind will make you tired after riding. Also, a windscreen helps will block small rock blocks and bugs as you ride, like a windshield in your car.

  • Seat Height :

Another thing to keep in mind as a new rider is your seat height. Your seat height will accommodate the length of your legs as to when you will reach a point you will put a foot or both of your feet down or most probably have to stand on your tiptoes to keep the bike balanced. To relax your feet people set footpegs.

  • Handle Bar Height:

Just as seat height your handlebar also affects a rider posture as it can affect a rider’s fatigue and comfort level. Your hands should reach the controls, also your elbows should be slightly bent while reaching the controls which will let you be in a comfortable position.

  • Anti-Lock braking system(ABS) :

Some of the bike models will have an anti-lock braking system as standard fare but ABS is notable because it will keep the brakes and tires from locking and skidding if you will apply the brakes too hard, but as a new rider you will more likely apply the brakes.


It is extremely necessary to choose the safest motorcycle helmet for yourself. Having a bike is exciting but what makes it more thrilling is wearing the perfect Riding gear. With motorcycling, comes the acronym, ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time). Taking this acronym into consideration what hit our mind is the safest motorcycle gear i.e Helmet for a bike

A helmet is considered as the safest riding gear as in 2015 the usage of motorbike helmets saved a number of lives around 1,772 lives. Whether the law states or not you always have to ride your motorcycle with a helmet on. Therefore there are many things to look when choosing a helmet for yourself so read the below-gathered research on helmets.

There are three types of helmets ¾, 2/4, full-face helmet. In regard to safety, the full-face helmet is the safest selection from all three. As it has a linear inside the helmet which makes it comfy for your upper head to wear also full-face helmet have coverage of your full head, neck, and chin. Full face helmet also protects you from the environment whether it be a bleak weather or the sound buzz flea makes, also it is strapped up by chin which makes your chin safer as it is a certitude “Motorcyclists have more chin injuries”.

But after you chose the helmet most important is does it gives you a good fit?

Motorcycle helmet fit

Each helmet design is different as it varies with the manufacturer and the biker’s head. One brand may be a better fit for a round head, while others may fit better for an oval shape. Fit is necessary for getting the best helmet for you. What is the most important feature to consider in a helmet is an EPS liner to protect the full jaws and chin, many helmets possess the comfort liner which is mistakenly taken by riders as a protective gear as it also provides some padding but new helmet technology possess a new inner liner to soak up the shock made up of EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam.

But before finalizing the helmet make sure you have tried it on your head to check the fit. To check the fit these points should be kept in mind:

  1. Check the chin strap make sure only two fingers fit the strap between your head and chin
  2. No gaps from above and sides of the head also it should not be painfully tight.
  3. If still the helmet slips or is way too loose and is rotating it is not a good fit
  4. To test the chin strap, look down toward your chest, and see if the back of the helmet can be pushed upward. 

At the end of the day, all helmets are not designed equal, but the right helmet will protect you at the time of mishap or an accident. Good luck finding the right one for yourself Riders!!


Motorcyclists say: Wearing helmets doesn’t mean we are too afraid to ride a bike, similarly wearing leather jackets won’t make us look cool.


Being a biker is like dealing with a lot of stereotypes as there is a saying ‘ I render in brakes” said no motorcyclist ever! This phrase technically means that bikers don’t respect life and are angry hooligans but it’s not just enough here as it is written above there are many stereotypes that evolve around a bikers life so lets read some of the facts 

1. Bikers are stunt yobs:

Although many of the bikers, the riders, and the spectators think its cool No not all bikers likes doing stunts on their bikes. Some of them may enjoy Tank stoppie, one-handed wheelie, the leap of faith, or the Canadian spin but most of the two wheels are the minimum they need.

2. They have their Youtube channels:

There is an action camera on helmets of every rider almost therefore they are mistakenly known as vloggers as if they edit their clips and videos and uploads them on their youtube channels to get tremendous likes and subscribers. Whereas motorcyclists say that cameras are just for memories for them to see their adventure clips.

3. Bikers don’t have cars:

It is said and observed that bikers are so obsessed with their bikes that they have no place of four-wheel vehicle cars in their hearts for them. Its true cars take more space but it is not that bikers hate cars or don’t buy them.

4. Bikers have a death wish :

In Newyork city eight people have been killed while riding their bikes since June, bringing the total number of deaths so far this year to 19. Just as the report states from Newyork Times that motorcyclists have a number of deaths attached. But the fact according to motorcyclists is that they feel more alive while riding a bike.

5.   They wear leather to look cooler:

A motorcyclist in an interview was asked this question “Do bikers wear leathers to look cooler? and he replied with a grin that: Riding gear protects us and if you think it looks cool? Thank you.